As most of the IRC regulars know its been in development for awhile now. New features are currently being put together, but more importantly the player database now has 880 players in it.

DEFme himself has individually added 730 players, so everyone thank him for that, and for giving me the motivation to continue working on this.

The bot itself is for the IRC users but I hope the database could provide some use for other community projects. Hidden was ranting about some CS:S plugin that would search a database for the connecting player’s steamid, and report any known aliases, as well as any league information avialable, but lacked HL2DM support. If Keeper or someone with the ability to write such a plugin wanted to use this database, I would make it avialable to them.

The database is user powered, with VoxteX writing the bot, and me writing the CMS and building the database, we don’t have the time to hunt down and add all this information ourselves. Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated, we definately need some euro people adding information, it might strike some interest into those communitys and encourage them to participate in and support the IRC channel.

If you’re interested private message me. I’m also looking for someone who can provide me with 1 or 2 psycho stat logs, as well as hlstats, and hlstatsx, if you run either of these on your server, and would like to help, please message me.

If you have any ideas for new features, or any other kind of suggestion, just post here.

Any questiosn can be answered by reading the wiki link I posted at the very top, or by joining the #hl2dm IRC channel and playing around with the bot.

i’m still an irc idiot and prone to being slapped around with a trout. :angry:

i’m not the server admin, but i know our clan uses hlstatsx. pm me about what this “log” thingy is and maybe i can con my clan leader into providing it for me.