Hl2dm Movement Tutorial

I posted this tutorial in my former clan’s forums, made specially for another clan member and some friends. I thought I’d post it here for those wanting to learn it. I reference Onti’s Video tutorial for those more lazy to read :mrgreen: and I think I cover pretty much everything.

If you think you might add something, tell me and I’ll add it to this quote. Hope you find this useful.

combine this too which has a few visual examples and a bit more tips and its complete

Thx. Didn’t come to my mind about those pages. I know I read through all them while I was learning. Now I had forgoten about them :blush:
Added to the quote. I’ll make some editing to it to make it more fitting here. Atm it’s almost as it was in the other forum, but I intend to change it when I got some more patience.

I was thinking of doing one of those but never got round to it. Thought I am glad someone mentioned wheel as jump as the core of the tutorial because it now a standard on how most of us move. Most tutorials always mention space and fail to inform the reader that most experience players in this game use the wheel.

Anyway what I think would be great is to record the mouse movement with what’s going on in game side by side. I would do one but need a camera and some how position it over the top.

tape it to your forehead pointing down, then tape another one taped on top of your head pointed at the screen and run a half-and-half splitscreen movie

Nice guide man! +1 Thanks.

I think this deserves a sticky

koo :sunglasses: gj.
Sorry if my instructions were kinda fast, I just wanted to keep it as short and direct as possible, and erasing any innecessary extra time (considering my connection sucks and it’s a pain in the ass to upload/download videos), I just thought it wasn’t a big deal since anyone can just download the video and pause it where needed.

Exactly. Any1 can pause and take his time to read and go back if needed. I know I had to watch the video several times until I noticed (more than once) what I was missing in my movements. But it wasn’t due to the video being fast, but rather me being confusing the keys.

I remember seeing other videos and I got to the conclusion I liked your video better. Can’t remember exacty why, but maybe cuz there’s everything there and you show the keys while you do it. :sunglasses:

btw, I need help on one thing:

Yesterday I had my ping so unstable I had to resign myself to a jump server… and it seems I took the day for teaching, lool. There was about 10 newbies with questions all over :mrgreen:

But I noticed once more there’s one thing I can’t explain to ppl: I can’t explain how to find the sweet spot for jumping. I mean, I can make a long jump from a large space where I can take more ground before the jump as well as I can jump from a 32x32 platform. That’s cuz I know when to jump. But I can’t even explain how I know it. I just kinda feel the moment I must jump.

Is there a way to explain this in a “non-abstract” way?

People tend to ask absolutely everything. I guess it’s like an unconsicuous search for some “magical words” that will give them the ability to bhop properly. Sad true is there is non, only practice and practice.
I understand what you mean, you just have jumped so much that know when to do it, doesn’t matter where you are, it just comes natural. I doubt you can explain it other than that.

yea, I guess not…
No one asked me that tho. I just got that in my mind some time ago when whatching someone doing it right but not jumping at the right time.
I guess I’ll leave that for them to get it over time. As every one did, I suppose.

Added Zig Zag.
FTW! :smiley:

Thanks very much for the post. As i was just looking for something just like this. So this worked out perfectly for me. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the hard work and time to do it.

I’m glad it helped. :smiley:

And btw, I was reading it again and I noticed a few missing things in it so I added a few lines to these 3 parts (I’ll quote them here so you don’t have to look for them there):


Thx Valar for that.


Plus some typing errors.