HL2DM Youtube repository

K quite simple this is where everything related to hl2dm is dumped and stored for sticky status.Everything is separated by these fields.
post some links and I will start adding them to the list


HL2DM | tr_briggsjumpmap_r2

HL2DM | Stylejumps_v2

HL2DM | Jumpstyle

HL2DM | Ultimatejumps

31337 trix by Jerk

Duck Jumping by hl2dm-university.com
- YouTube
Hl2dm | Bunny Hop Tutorial
Hl2dm | Bunny Hop Tutorial - YouTube
Advanced Lockdown Jump
Advanced Lockdown Jump - YouTube
HL2DM | Movement Tutorial
HL2DM | Movement Tutorial - YouTube


hl2dm lockdown map tricks

HL2 dm Gravity Gun fly Trick

HL2DM Advanced Techniques 1

HL2DM GES|Dog’s tutorial about yoyo plasma ball

How to cook frags (HL2DM)

Gravity Jumping Tricks (HL2 Deathmatch)

HL2 Deathmatch Hangtime[ dray86 Archive ]

Frag movies

HL2DM | Unwonted

HL2DM | Unwonted 2

HL2DM | Dark Files

HL2DM Master-Viktory The Movie

HL2DM |NERV|McHaggis Rescue

Addicted To Kill

"Will: the movie" [Team RDC] HL2DM

BlowMeAway by MOdaL

|911| League Highlights 2

HL2DM | {LsD} CAL Highlights

HL2DM - MORE THAN A GAME 2 (part 1 of 2)

t3rribl3on3 - Just Cant Stop - hl2dm

HL2DM | Dark Files 2

Half-life 2 deathmatch Gameplay trailer

HL2 - Shark Attack vs eS at Clan United season 1

Experience HL2DM by netrex

ninjins back in the day

hl2dm PiCasSo

Movie tutorials

How To Make Frag Vid (Smooth) In Hl2dm or CSS Tutorial - By Vishty

Hl2DM - CSS ( smooth,quality,vdub,HD, tutorial all in 1) done by vishty

MeGUI Encoding Tutorial by Raigen

Tuturial Sony Vegas | Project Settings and Render settings + x264 codec

uj by onty on there twice


more links pls

really good idea man. nice work.

this would be cool to add to the wiki page

Stickied. Very cool SND.


I’d like to know what training map that guy was using for the second video under tricks with the G gun jumping.

Which one, I see several. The first one idk, could be in hl2 game, the others are maps from coop… Write cl_cmdrate 100 in console, it worked for me on some servers (and when it worked, it worked like 98 % of the time :open_mouth: ), but not all… :frowning:

movement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57Cl_vSEPuA
and HL2DM Master-Viktory The Movie - is a trix movie :stuck_out_tongue:

add the name of the video as well as the link, I’m not going to click 10 links only to find that I’ve already seen 9 of them :wink:

LOLOL by .conflict

What’s the name of the map at 2:55 in the next to last frag vid, please?

In the next to last of the OP it’s lost arena.

The next to last vid above us doesn’t go to 2:55 so I dunno.

EDIT: Next to last frag vid at 2:55 is dm_amplitude_r1

yes, I think that’s it! Thx, dude :smiley:

I have updated and changed all the links into embedded vids.
That should be better even though it may use allot of space but at least you don’t have to open up loads of links and just can view it here. :popcorn:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeVAmG6Jixk :smiley:



u forgot Dark Files 2 !!!



Dark files 2 vid, min 4:30, what map is it? :slight_smile: I just love these maps with corridors where the bolt can travel x times longer while bouncing off walls :smiley:

dm_losthope :wink: http://www.hl2dm-university.com/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3032&hilit=losthope