HL2dmU 2v2 Team Scrim Night

I think it would be cool if we had a specific day and time where everyone can join either the #hl2dm IRC channel or the HL2dm University Community Group Chat. This will be different from the draft night in the sense where there will be a broad time in which this will be happening and hopefully if we get a whole ton of players joining in chat games can start and happen very quickly! An example for the 1st one could be Friday 8pm to 10pm. (eastern time)

From there we can have team 2v2 matches. If a player does not have a team then they can put ( no team ) in their name and join a player. Also players in the channel can make recommendations on who to play so that 1 team does not obliterate the other because from my experience the most fun matches are when the scores are less then double. As an example let’s not pair up a team with no CAL experience with a team who has a lot etc. Also once a game is finished and players want to play another game they can just request another in the chat.

When the matches are played I think the combine team can choose the map … and at the beginning we should only use CAL maps or at least well known maps so that way 1 team does not choose some crazy map that no one knows.

The reason why I am suggesting this is because I like playing organized team games but sometimes it can take forever and a little too much planning to just get 1 match to happen. Also … I realize that players already have cal and the draft and we play games all the time so too many nights may get too busy for some… but this may appeal to some who don’t like the excessive planning and just want to play some good 2v2 games.

this is just a rough idea. Let me know what you guys think!

:stuck_out_tongue: It has it’s pros and cons, but I’m thinking maybe this should shift the draft (possibly) into a 2v2 night instead of 4v4. Easier to get more people and get things start faster. I think it’s a good idea Meek.

I like this idea, i had something simlar in my mind b4 i did the draft group.

I played this tournament in Dystopia (4v4 which is samll by there standards 6v6 is normal) that all you did was join a irc channel and request to play, winner got some prize and it was single elim.

I could see this working as a Round robin where each team that joins gets 1 to 4 matches depending on how many they want/teams show. You could do it with or without sign-ups, would be best for none. And then maybe post the results and have it an on going ladder that teams could climb. Once you get enough matches and have rankings it’d be easy for new teams to join and have fun.

just some thoughts on the idea…

Thinking it over. I havent done pub night because HL2DMU server has been busy enough, this may be a good compromise.

excellent idea… I’ve been trying to play as many matches as I can these days and this would help for sure

this could be an all day thing w/ different countries if we can get some people to rep/admin from europe/aussieland etc