HL2DMU Recommended Mapping Standards

  1. Maps should be tested to run on both windows and linux servers.

  2. Maps should be fully packed. Optional: a readme.txt and a .res file that points to it. This allows people to dump a downloaded map directly into their maps folder.

  3. Maps should have LDR lightmaps. ie. Not fullbright or HDR lightmaps only.

  4. All map names should always be in lower case eg. dm_mymap_v3. This prevents redirect downloads causing problems on linux servers.

  5. Maps should be prefixed with dm_ unless designed for a specific type of play:

tr_ for training maps
ctf_ for capture the flag
cp_ for capture point

  1. Short, one word map names are more memorable and easier to manage than long multiple word names. For killboxes, it is traditional to place the word killbox after the dm prefix. eg. dm_killbox_mymap.

  2. Maps that are in beta stage should be clearly labelled as such with the word beta as the suffix. eg. dm_mymap_beta1, dm_mymap_beta2.

  3. Intial release of your map should just be the full name of the map. eg. dm_mymap
    For maps that are a complete rebuild of an existing map from the ground up, it is common to use the suffix _reloaded.

  4. Subsequent fixes or changes to the map should be released with a numbered suffix. once you decide on a suffix, stick with it. Common suffixes are “r” for revision and “v” for version. Try to avoid using “b” as this is often confused for beta. eg. dm_mymap_r1, dm_mymap_r2. Ent edited/server side fixes to maps are best avoided because the clients have no way of knowing which version they are playing until they test or check the issue that was fixed. Always rename and re-release if you change your map.

  5. It is preferable to have one map that is balanced in such a way that it can be played in any mode, rather than multiple releases of the same map for different modes (ffa, 1v1, tdm etc).

I’d like to see the continual trend of naming killbox maps with the suffix kb_ i.e. kb_sonar
Is this something you at the U would consider promoting too?

and even tr_ for training / jump maps i.e. tr_works_r1
and maybe a_ for arena style maps. i.e. a_titan (although this may be a step too far)

i just think it would make things clearer when looking at servers by maps.


tr for training map is a good idea, because the idea is not to deathmatch in it. Separating killbox out from deathmatch is not logical in my thinking because even though it is a different style of map you are still “deathmatching” in it. Sticking with dm also is consistent with most of the popular killbox maps out there currently. I just sorted my map list and got a bunch of dm_killbox_etc. but none starting with kb_. I think dm_killbox_namehere is a good rule to follow.

I also think this promotes the concept that killbox is an entirely different world from “regular deathmatch”, whereas this site is about unification of the community. ctf on the other hand actually tells you that the map has an objective as opposed to pure killing.

I would have to say the same about arenas. There is also the point that one mans arena is another mans killbox, is another maps regular map. In other words the lines between such maps are so subjective, I would prefer not to define them. I don’t even like aim_prefix much, although I certainly understand why it was used, for much the same reasons as using tr_, it was originally an aim training map.

Having said all this, I am open to further reasoning on the subject, we can refine these rules into something that is a good standard for everyone.

maybe we should consider the tr_ suffix :open_mouth:

I agree with wt all the maps listed besides tr are dm maps. the prefix is for modes of play not for different map looks or styles or lineages.

you are right, the ultimate aim is the same although I still think there is room to say that we are also killing in abox.

another good point.
however, couldn’t Killbox be a different world? without it being derogatory? is that something people would like see the U promoting? I know this debate has kinda come up before…
It has its own style of play and skill base and host of extremely talented players.

:smiley: very good point the lines can be hard to define. But that would be the mappers choice same a choosing the name. At the moment deathmatch is a generic term that catches all, it could still be that for when a mapper doesn’t know where their map belongs. And really the suffix would only act as a guide.
I like the idea of mapping outside of the definition (tradition) anyway, the suffix wouldn’t slow ME down :slight_smile:.

Let’s say there was a train that your team had to keep control of for a designated amount of time to win the round. Is that a [king]_ map, a cp_ map, or what?

Sounds like cp to me, but really you could name it whatever you want.

to me if you have to cap more than 1 point and hold them to win thats cp like dod.but if its 1 point you have to hold for a set time or the most time to win thats king o the hill like halo.

Just for the record:



like,…really dude?

Don’t build your map inside a big box. The area around whatever you put in your giant box will become lifeless and boring. Killboxes are bad maps. God knows why people still play them. There is certainly no need for more.

Nice to see some objectivity on that wiki :wink:

ok thats just mean :cry:

First rule i’d put right at the top of that list:

Mapping is an art form. A mapper should consider him/herself an artist. Artists don’t rule out - they scrutinize. Artists think and measure - not trash and downgrade. Artists evaluate using an open mind and respect in all they do. those who aren’t aren’t artists but HYPOCRITES.

Peace to da Haters and Jah bless.