HL2dmu serv

Hi HL2dm University !

I thought it might be interesting to create a game server HL2dm where players from Europe and America could play together with a good ping (one server where the ping difference would be minimal)
With good map like dm_lockdown, dm_lostvillage, dm_lostarena …
In Deathmatch or Team-Deathmatch

I hope you will find my proposal interesting :smiley:

If you can position a ship in the middle of the Atlantic ocean with a server on it and a satellite feed that would be great. Otherwise it would be very difficult to get equal pings unless people in England are playing people in California on a New York server. Even then the average difference would probably be 50 or more.

Yeah, this really doesn’t work.

Using a server in Greenland would be much easier :wink:

OK so it’s impossible but maybe a serv with a small ping diffrent ?

Ok here is why what you ask is not possible even to have a “small ping difference”. Well actually, I suppose you have to define what you mean by “small”. Do you mean less than 10 or less than 30 or less than 50 ping difference on average.

When I had a server in New Jersey (east coast of the U.S.), people on the West Coast of the U.S. with good cable connections had pings of about 70 on that server. People from England with very good cable connections pinged about 110 on that server. Most are about 120 ping. I have DSL (slower than cable) and I ping 15-20 on a New Jersey server because I live in New York, the next state over. People in the mid west (Miichigan for example) ping about 40 on an East coast server.

Ping is dependant not only on what type of internet connection you have, but mostly on the DISTANCE you are from the server. So unless you are going to play only people from the West Coast on an East Coast server you wont EVER have a small difference in ping on average and at best that difference would be about 30-40 average. If you have players from the mid west and east coast, the difference increases.

Even though the electronic age has made the world closer in the digital world, we still have not been able to make the continents and countries closer together in the physical world. In the words of Mr Scotty “You can not change the laws of physics!”

Well, I must have very good DSL. From Ohio, I ping 50-60 to Dallas, 70 to LA, and 30 to Chitown.

You are close to the center of the country so yea those pings sound reasonable.

unless the internet became like one big lan network then we could all have like 0 ping. :open_mouth:

mmmm…just need one massive wire that can go round and round the world a few dozen times.

or maybe like lazer wire technology to transfer data at such a fast rate it won’t be noticeable…A day will come when ping is history.

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So, what’s a good NY server then? Just so we could give it a try :slight_smile:

i get like 150-160 ping on euro servers. :cry:

ewr may still have an east coast server. I moved ours to Chicago for CAL and so that west coast people could reach them better.

The important thing is just the game must be playable for exemple, me in south of France, the game must be playable if I play with many Americans player with no problem conection

Well, my friend that used to play that lived less than 2 miles from me had higher pings than I did.

Ive seen Cookie from raw and some french guy get a 90 ping in The War Room server,which is located in New York.

There is a lot more factors than just distance…

But to answer the question: NO there is no way you can get a low latency connection between France and America, doesn’t matter where the server is.

Then your internet was better than his. Your pings are what I would expect to see for someone with decent internet service.

The best I could find from Sweden the other day was some East Coast server where I pinged slightly below 120. Very playable.

He had cable and I have dsl. : /

LOL then he had really really BAD internet service.

Just as an example. I have DSL and I am in NY. I ping about 70 to Dallas, 90 to Los Angeles and 35 to Chicago. I have Verizon which is considered among the best for DSL service.