How about a HL2DM mod section

I was thinking tho it might not be that big of deal but in time mods always start getting popular. This is for any mod other than the standard hl2dm game. LIke hl2dm pro, and I am sure there is several more. I think that it could help the mod communities as well as bring in more people to hl2dm university. Of course this came to mind when there was alot of talk about our shell shock mod. This way we don’t have to bother the die hard players and at the same time different mods can try to grow. I know the hl2dm pro community is probably huge and might be interested in a mod section.

Lemme think about this one. If I forget to respond just bump this at a later time.

Don’t think so, this is about hl2dm, everything else is for the cafeteria.

agree, a mod section would go beyond the scope of hl2dm…

maybe not a ‘Mod’ section
But a plug-in section … anything that forces then to load hl2dm
played that zombie plug-in or w/e… it was meh the bots sucked it was kinda cool at first though.
SS is meh, hl2dm on easy mode, don’t know what good the sections would do, though. Took a lot of hard work to get where we hl2dmU is today.
At least they wouldn’t have to go far once they are ready for a real challenge, and find it’s time to pick up the ggun

KB and ctf players are more then welcome and they don’t need a section, do they?

You’d mean like coop and Shellshock and stuff like that?

Coop is typically just the map con, shellshock is an all server side plugin, a mod would be both client and server side like ZPS.

Yes i do,

i think it would be bad to have shellshock, hook mod or w/e, low grav areas
80% of the shellshock players that i talk to, when i ask why they don’t play regular it’s because they don’t know the bhopping yet, and need some training. I don’t always have the time and some are on at odd times, But if we had a section for them, we would bring in more players and they would have more resources to learn bhopping and getting more advanced they would have fun playing both styles. lets face it if you want to get into hl2dm at this point starting off on a Low grav spook face or KB server, Or a shell shock server. Is going to be 200% easier then jumping on a pub full of guys with 2+ years exp.

Maybe even a overwatch section…

I like this idea. Yet more meditation is needed. :drink: