How to take Screenshots


r_drawviewmodel 0
cl_drawhud 0
crosshair 0

Hit screenshot button.

More detailed guide:

yeah people from time to time takes screenshots with the weapon and stuff.
Even though this might be obvious to some, it’s unknown to others. Good idea to point it out WT.

Aw gee thanks. I almost forgot.

sorry but gotta say it.
lmao @ your sig BI xD

in addition you should light up your screenshots a bit afterwards. I’m not quite sure if it depends on the gamma value set in the game but for me (and I saw some others here) screenshots are a bit too dark.

You can also, if what you’re looking for are nice screenshots, turn up graphical detail to the max. Doesn’t matter much if you have bad frame rate when all you’re doing is grabbing screens anyway.

is anyone having issues with the default scrnshot bind when trying to take scrnshots from a demo?

is anyone having issues with the default scrnshot bind when trying to take scrnshots from a demo?

there was an update with a command for this now that I recall

where can i find this command onti?

Prt Scr :cheer:

where can i find this command onti?

Sorry DEFme…I’ve tried twice to look for it, but haven’t found it =/
You can use what blas said though.

yup, good ol prn scrn is working for me nicely.
i wonder what that command is though :sunglasses:

I always have some binds ready to make things easier. I think cl_drawhud 0 automatically hides the crosshair.

From my config.cfg:

bind “h” “cl_drawhud 0; r_drawviewmodel 0”
bind “j” “cl_drawhud 1; r_drawviewmodel 1”
bind “F5” “jpeg”

I don’t recommend “lightening up” screenshots in Photoshop or the like. Essentially, it’s a fake. Screens just look darker in desktop viewing programs, since you mostly have a much brighter background around them, so you see the full contrast. If they turn out to be very dark, you probably should brighten up your map with more lights etc, or many people will have problems seeing their way on darker monitors.

lol i use the hell outta that for all kinds of stuff its quick!

I do it this way.

cl_drawhud 0
impulse 200

What is a screenshot?

That works too, is there an impulse to switch back tho?

Enter again in console, if I remember right. :wink: