I have a question

Sorry that i posted this here I dont know where to post it, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to change you character to one of the extra characters that you can see if the HL2 Deathmatch folder. Like: Zoey, GLaDOS, Snake, Lara, etc. I have asked around and no one answers me and I really want to know as soon as possible.

you can’t do it just anywhere some servers have it allowed via plugins but for the most part steam locked that down long long long time ago when the game was first made cuz you could change your model to say, A Seagull and run around on maps killing people

but servers that allow you to change them usually have instructions via chat commands or on there website or through some member of the community there

Ok thanks and about time someone answered me :slight_smile: do you the commands I think its !models but how do you pick which one?

proly as it appears in the SDK i.e. npc_seagull
BTW, changing into a seagull doesn’t enable you to fly around the map since it doesn’t change your player animations and rig and you’re still restricted by their “laws”.
other players in game will see you as a seagull flying low with weapons attached to it about 32 units high above ground.

Hmmm, this isnt how a Seagull got his name isit?

it tis it tis and he could fly you could do all sorta exploits back then to fly around the map cl_cmdrate 100 cl_updaterate 100 grab a prop find a wall or corner crouch sit under prop kill in console spawn and move/jump and since a ton of maps were open back then you could get some real height and speed going

Yea i remember back in the old days, me pincus and seagull were in a server, seagull was doin prop jumps and hitting a bind midair that lowrred his rates so much that he would pause, or something like that. It was kind of funny cause u didnt know wat was hapoening at first,so u come rond the corner and ur like, wtf where he go, then…crunch, bang.

So what do you do in order to be them, how can you tell what their code is because I have been to servers that you can do it in but they all speak Russian and cant help me

put simply - you cannot do that anymore. maybe through some mod someone made for hl2dm but not in the main code game.

[quote="[EYE] Valar"]
put simply - you cannot do that anymore. maybe through some mod someone made for hl2dm but not in the main code game.

and most of us either don’t play that much anymore or don’t play servers that allow it more towards the latter

I had always liked his hide inside of items exploit that was always a fun 1

You can change ur model with cheats enabled.
But im not telling u how.

Aww why not?

We managed that issue with a Plugin… u can now choose about 15 models to play with, fully animated and its hilarious:)

currently playable:

Teletubbys (all of them) XD
all HL2 Chars
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson as Devil
Mr. Burns
Lara Croft
A Skelleton
Minecraft Character

we’re still working on more models to be playable…

if u wanna take a look, here u go: ----------- [ZfG] - Model Fun Server +Blood +RPG +FSDL

… i am always happy to play with ppl havin fun with it! :slight_smile:

if anyone wants to know smth about it, write me… :slight_smile:

put in Foghorn-Leghorn and im there everyday!!

Now listen here boy, I said pay attention son!


fun to play there but just for the models :stuck_out_tongue: beginner players and maps to match (bio_nub wth)

EDIT: Not to mention an admin that’s too lazy to remove the skeleton from models list :smiley: