I have a suggestion..

Just a small one…nothing major XD

Let me know what everyone thinks… :wink:


I think it looks pretty bad ass tbh.

Quite a bit different from early early early version :smiley:

#1) Don’t like the feathers
B) Somehow there should be an X of the crowbar and stunstick somewhere on this…

Other than that … vnice, verily verily vnice.

I like it :slight_smile:

That’s fucking cool.

Pretty awesome upgrade to my humble photoshop job of days gone by. Agree with Keeper on the feathers, just makes it too busy I think. Can we get a second version sans feathers for comparison? :smiley:

Appreciate you doing this without us even approaching you. :thumbsup:

Looks cool! Could you post also a version in the size it would be intended to be displayed at? As others have said I suspect that the feathers are too much, especially in a size comparable to the existing logo. But it’s true that the two lighter green areas in the current one look a bit empty - like they’re waiting for some kind of award to be nailed there whenever we get one from Valve or the community or whatever :smiley:

agreed, it looks great. Don’t care for the feathers.

You mean behind the sheild a X of a Crowbar and stunstick? that would be bad ass

great job mate, I’m not a huge fan of the upper part of the shiled/logo, but the bottom one looks sweet.
I don’t mind much the feathers but maybe it would look better without them, no idea though ;o
Anyway, thanks a lot as WT said, and hope you help to remake the actual logo, that would be really cool :slight_smile:

any news about this?

Didn’t hear back, but I’m thinking I’ll just add it in it’s current form since I think it pretty much pwns.

What about a favicon? The icon thats on the address bar and in your faves/bookmarks.

We have one, it’s not showing for you?

Negatory. Only on the main site. You might want to add it to the forum subfolder as well :smiley:

Add it noooooooooow, it looks sweet, maybe there will be an _r1 of it later :mrgreen:

Oh yeah bleh it doesn’t show on the forums.

Yes and why not?

Not linked to in phpbb code. Will update it soon I spose.

got impatient, i didnt have the workfile so i arranged something real fast

Put one, more prominent HL symbol directly in the middle and a crowbar in the top left panel.

It does kick ass.