I need my map back! dm_technic_b5

EDIT: (already got this one back)“ninjins back in the day” (this is on youtube but I need the original)

All I need is my video “the tiggy files”

As the title states, I’m desperately looking for the latest version of this map. I didn’t officially release it and have since lost the original hammer file. I know I sent b4/b5 to a handful of people for testing but have asked everyone that I think might have it somewhere and have had no luck.

Original thread:

I know I’m posting in the cafeteria but I doubt of the few people that are still on here, any will see it. SO, if you have my map. PLEASE CONTACT ME. EVEN B4 WOULD BE FINE. Note: I have a copy of b2 but it’s no where near what b4/b5 was. I might as well start over at that point.


I think I have it on my external HDD. Will let you know tonight.

Which is it that you might have? The map or the frag vids?

The map

Don’t know if you are still looking for them but I have both of these. I have most of the hl2dm vids stashed away.

I’ve got your frag video as well. saved in a .zip, its a .wmv file

Bucky! Yes I do need the tiggy files still. Idk if you’ll see this since the address for the website has changed but I added you on steam. If you could please upload it and find a way to msg me the link I’d appreciate it!