I'm playing hl2dm on the orange box

This guy released hl2dm on the orange box as a mod, just installed and ran and it seems it is actually the orange box, can’t speed crouch anymore and the crouch jump animation is at least fixed client side (no more screen twitch).You can still bunnyhop but you can’t restart it as fast.



I want to see how it plays with other people but so far here’s what it’s got,

The fire and particle effects look a lot different.

New weapon models

Return of the blue orb.

The orange box orbs look fuckin nuts, and speaking of fuckin nuts yes, I have an AWP, and here’s the thing,

It’s deadly accurate at any range no scope unlike CSS

There’s a tau cannon now too it looks crazy but it is alpha stage so idc I guess, and the rpg holds 6 rounds and has a secondary fire feature now, secondary fire turns off the laser and the rocket fires straight like TF2.

Shit is wild in here.

I found an ak47 OH LAWD!

DLing now

ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG :open_mouth:

If you fire the RPG with the laser off, point the gun in a different direction, then turn the laser on does the rocket go towards the laser dot?

Like this?


  1. WOW this is cool.
  2. i could bhop but slower as you said.
  3. i could crouch and skate
  4. physjump seems somewhat toned down?..i’m not sure
  5. shotty disapeared on me once (this is alpha)
  6. fast orb was weird?
  7. why the hell HDR?

…still looking through this,…

edit: i’ve this on my own fast DL server. in case anyone outside the US or having issues getting the DL working - PM me here on on Steam.

thanks for posting this GD.

Looks nice.
I like the SMG.
RPG holds 6 rockets and there’s no reload time.
You can carry 10 nades.
Zooming the sniper rifle was fucked for me.

it’s in alpha stage

ok well the tau cannon ak47 and awp are gay to me no need for them in dm
would be nice to use dm2’s smg or have a choice too
i cant use slot keys to change weapons while bhopping
the sliding up ramps is a little hindered now
original amounts of ammo would be better if he hasn’t lowered the dmgs of them
the HDR is blinding on LD
esp if you have monitorgamma of 2.2

me too, at 1920x1600 rez. zoom turned my screen purple and black checkered. lowered the rez to 1600x1200 and it didnt do that.

completely agree, I think this mod is a joke tbh, trying to make hl2dm better by adding a hint of other games is stupid, really… an ak47 and sniper rifle in hl2dm… is not hl2dm. Although I do like the tau cannon, but if I really wanted to use it I would go play pro mod.


we should post inputs on Steam forum and not here. i don’t think the dev reads this forum.

hl2dm isn’t on the orange box engine, neither is hl2dm pro and the game feels like it’s a lot happier on the OB engine.

Fact is this guy is brand new at programming and probably just needs some balance help, but he managed to port the game by himself to a better engine and I think it has potential unlike hl2dm pro.

The awp had a bad zoom for me too until I changed some graphics settings now it works.

I imagine it can be tweaked to the way it should be concerning bunnyhop restart and balance.

it will be pretty cool if this modder pays attention to what the community wants, listens and implements things.
So far I feel the game runs much smoother than regular dm, it just needs some tweaks. The pause after bhop would have to be fixed for sure. One thing I notice is that yo-yoing feels much easier and or more fluid IDK if its just animations, netcode or what.
The shot gun reload animation glitch still exists though.
I wouldn’t mind the addition of the sniper and tau since its a mod, the AK though seems out of place.
Maybe with the sniper riffle there could be some sort of penalty like slower movement, longer reload or something.

I agree and so do others, this game plays incredibly smooth on the orange box engine in comparison to the original, not to mention crouch animation fixed, speed crouch is fixed, and so far so good I’m crossing my fingers here, not one crash whatsoever (possibly fixed).

awp, ak, and tau cannon have to go

the tau was part of hl1 and to me sort of belongs and has been missing from hl2 since the beginning. Ive played a fair amount of pro and even in pro the tau is not abused as much as the rpg is currently in hl2. The other guns I could do without but as a mod its something that would be fine considering its not a replacement game for what we play now. If this guy wanted to do what the pro team did and make a vanilla mode and a modified mode that would be awesome. So far I love hl2dm on the OBE!

Oh My! Thanks! :open_mouth: :slight_smile: :smiley: My My indeed!

Bhop is fixed by letting go of ctrl on ur last jump in mid air. then restarting. hard to do but not impossible. but looks sexy and its soo smooth compared to our DM. AWP and AK47 made me lol.

  • pause after bunnyhop
  • awp
  • ak47
  • tau gun

=> Then i might be interested to play this again