IPL 6 Cancelled

Hate to say i told you so…But i told you so. Would love to hear Billy’s and Nutri’s thoughts on this. Seeing that SM qualified and had a shot at winning the tournament. It’s really shitty that they miss the opportunity to show that they could possibly win the whole tournament. (not sarcasm) I watched them win a few games against top teams , and as i said to Billy in Firefall. I’d love for former top half life players to go up and win against former top Quake players.

mmmm colwn seemed to be phasing out anyways.

Ace! Why we no friends on Steam? :frowning:

Nothing personal man, i don’t have anyone on my list and haven’t for a long time. I played tribes for awhile and now firefall which do not require steam. I was thinking of selling my steam account to a friend but changed at the last minute.

Is it any good? I might check it out.

It’s decent, a few things they need to fix before esports hits. The 1 million dollar pay out is what gets me playing the amount i do. There’s already enough drama that hl2 sees in the competitive scene. you would feel right at home. I got a beta key if you need one.

PM with that beta key mang. :sunglasses:

Game’s free on steam now.

Go to the store page and download the demo, which is the open beta.

Firefall is on steam now? Or are you talking about shootmania…

Anyways blasphemy, msg me your email so i can send the beta key out.

Oh, didn’t read your text about firefall.
I meant shootmania, but firefall’s cool too. I didn’t spend much time in it though.

I know this topic is old and this board is rarely visited but if anybody has a Firefall beta key they’re willing to part with, I’d appreciate it. Add me on steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/duhocean/

who are you?