item timer

Does anyone know anything that i can download or whatever so i get lika a timer when i play a match or whatever just a clock that i can see while playing so i can use it for item respawns like people do in quake :stuck_out_tongue: i mean like check when u pick up those orbs on bio for instance and when they respawn so u can go back and get them before opponet and:) would be a nice tool for 1o1

get a g15

Not possible afaik, had the same idea some years ago, wanted to have it like in War§ow,
and even coded a timer, but the problem is you can’t get programs displayed “on top” of hl2dm, the game is always in foreground.
In the end I bought myself a normal clock with hands, it s easier to spot when the 20s and 30s respectively have passed compared to digital ones. I know that d0nut used to play with a clock too :smiley:

I have timeleft bound to my left wheel click, bind it somewhere easy or somewhere you will end up hitting it no matter what.

Ive macro’d it to spam the use sound via my G15 so i know when mininades/orbs etc spawn so i can get them/protect them. And it disorientates the other person :slight_smile: