KAC for source 2007, or OB mod.

Can this be done?
Wasn’t KAC a combination of sourcemod+metamod+zBlock?

Reason I ask is some lil’twat is doing the DOS-like attacks on my OB server and it feels EXACTLY what the lua/lss fags were doing to warfare-arena and other servers when eFPS was just starting up and hl2dm still used source 2006.
I am willing to try anything at this point; so, if you know shit and can/are willing to help, would you please add the steam-account-name “forcefx” to your friends-list, and I will get you set up with a FTP account as well as help however I can.
However, unless it involves heavy lifting, I am afraid I cannot do much to help at all.

This development is a good thing though, we have till summer to fix this issue for that is when a rumored 2v2 OB tournament is expected to start.
Whoever started that rumor is a sexy son-of-a-bitch, I must say.

I am willing to pay any modders who help solve this issue in cash or priceless blowjobs. Take your pick.


I got most of the EFPS anti cheats running on my server at one point in time. I’ll hit you up later tonight or tomorrow TNG.

DOS attack is so old, no originality in today’s troll.