Keeper Sound Streak Plugin v1.30

ANNOUNCING: Keeper’s Sound Streak Plugin v1.30 Release

I spent the past several weeks rewriting the DB functions to be faster, as well as improving the interface with other plugins.


INSTALLATION and more information

Q: What has changed?

  • rewrote the database functions so the plugin will perform more efficiently.
  • fixed several issues dealing with the chat functions.
  • headshot detection
  • my plugin now passes the chat event on so EventScripts that rely on the chat can work again.
  • added a command to use in the keeper_sounds.cfg that will allow chat commands to get passed to Mani. ( see included keeper_sounds.cfg)

How I can download the plugin?

I added the latest release zip here:

You can also browse the repository and get updated files once they come out.

I have closed up shop, but will continue to do updates when/if VALVe ever gets around to looking our way again.

So in otherwords you’ve decided to make sure that you never have to work on it again :wink: