League Plugin - v1.25 ## UPDATED

The plugin has been updated to version 1.25.

This is not a critical update. It was changed to allow people to use it on non-teamplay servers.
The 1.25 update allows you to disable the spectate on join for ffa servers.

You can find the information about the server and configuration here: http://www.hl2dm-university.com/plugin_wiki/index.php?title=Keeper_hl2_league


I’m missing something with this, i dont really know hat im doing but…
im assuming this is woking with mani so i put the files in the respective folders addons/cfg

i added kp_auto_spec 1 and kp_auto_spec “1” to keeper_hl2_league.cfg
i also tried adding it to keeper_hl2.cfg, i even tried adding it to the regular server.cfg

it didnt work :frowning:

I had to shutdown and restart the server to get it working. In the wiki it does not tell u.

ok thanks ill try that…

kp_auto_spec 1 is the behavior from previous versions. What’s new here is that you can turn it off so people can join in on an FFA game without having to type “jointeam 2” in the console every time. You can put “kp_auto_spec 0/1” in server.cfg or some custom config file you have if you like.

Yeah, sorry. When installing new plugins, it’s best to restart the server. I’ll add that to the instructions.

so kp_auto_spec 0/1 can be addded to the rcon list?

I guess, though I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “rcon list”

You could type “rcon kp_auto_spec 1” in console if you like, yes, or put it in a custom config on the server which you then execute remotely.

Hi keeper, I was wondering if this is a bug with the plugin?

If I am in spectator mode and do a change of skin, I will end up in the score board for the corresponding team. However, I will still be in spectator mode. For now I can solve this by typing the appropriate jointeam 2 or jointeam 3, but if it happens to be a bug with the plugin maybe there’s an easy fix?

That’s not a bug in my plugin, it’s a bug in the game. When you are in spectate mode, you can change models without being respawned.

That is how it is in the regular game…so it’s yet another bug that I did not create a work around for.

I’ll look into it. I know I can detect when a person changes their settings, I’ll see if I can pinpoint model.

I see, well, don’t put your soul into it. We might avoid some confusion if it’s fixed, but as I said, the manual fix is simple enough.

I was thinking that it’s a fact that people DO crash/disconnect during matches, and if you reconnect you currently end up as spectator. It would be very cool if you could make it so that you’re put in the correct team right away. Don’t know if it’s possible to do this via some kind of flag where it is indicated whether a particular SteamID is rebel, combine or spectator. If it is, the plugin would simply put you where you were before you got disconnected.

This ties in perfectly with a problem with reconnect. If the game is paused (which is what is supposed to happen if someone disconnects) you cannot join the server unless it is unpaused momentarily. As we’ve now discovered, you cannot switch from spectator to a team without unpausing either. I believe these are all problems with HL2DM. If the plugin put you in the correct place right away, only the first unpause/pause would have to be executed.

or you could make a gui that lets you choose your team (rebel, combine or spectator) like in all decent multi player games

I come a little late to all this… This seems like an “All in One” plugin.

Does it mean that this plugin obliterates the Impulse Fix Plugin - v1.00

Afaik the plugin doesn’t work anymore because of the update. Is it somehow possible to make it run on the new updated HL2DM?