Left-hand Keyboard Configurations

I’m left-handed, and because of that it’s hard for me to use the WASD keys and everything, so when I started playing, I used the arrow keys, with right-shift for jumping, right-control for crouching and 0-insert for sprinting. However, I’ve tried with these configurations and it’s hard for me to speed-orb, nade-cook and bunny hop. I CAN do them, but I have to get my hands in really awkward positions to do them.

What keyboard configurations would you recommend for a left-handed hl2dm player like myself?

For movement i would say these:
P L : @
Right shift for sprint
Righy ctrl for duck
Not got a proper keyboard infront of me due to typing this on my PS3 keyboard

if you have a left handed mouse or can use a left handed mouse i would do, on the number pad, 8 4 and 6 for directions then like the down arrow for sprint and the right arrow for duck and either enter or the + key for jump

eh thats a tough one… because the arrow keys are so far from everything else you are going to have to stretch a lot for some keys. The number pad would probably be the best way cause there are a few more keys but even then I dont think there are enough.

with the number pad your thumb like lays on the on the arrow keys

Might want to consider a gaming keypad. Most are ambidextrous in design, and quite a bit smaller than a standard keyboard, freeing up more deskspace for the mouse etc.

i do believe that there are reverse keyboards. although pretty hard to find i would imagine. did you ever consider just pusing your keyboard way over to the right that way you can still use the wasd keys.? or you could configure it to using ijkl instead of wasd. just a thought. would give you a lot more keybinds to work with

Why don’t you just use a set up like IJKL or OKL: or PL:"

^ Those actual keys.

Hmm, thanks for the all the suggestions. I’ll try some of them out and see how it goes.

Remember it will take some time to get used to a new config. So in order to give it a fair shot you need a couple weeks on it. Because of that time invested you should take some time to really think through what you are doing. Think about the advantages and disadvantages. I would recommend an OKL; movement so that you have alot of keys near by and you are hitting buttons like shift and and control. You will need those buttons because valves games have issues with multiple key presses but most keyboards are designed to press those keys while hitting other keys.

Put the weapons that are most powerful and most used nearest your fingers and work your way out. Make sure that at any given time you could press all movement keys including duck, sprint and jump at the same time without sacrificing them to another key.

I am not sure I would recommend this at this point. I use a Fang Gamepad made by Ideazon (same makers of the Merc). I really really love the Fang and it works very well for me, but Ideazon was bought up last year by Steel Series. So far I see no indication that Steel Series is going to pick up and continue making the Fang. They have adapted the keys from the Merc into one of their keyboards though. So now there are no updated drivers for the Fang. The driver on my XP machine is still current but the one on my Vista Laptop is not and when the driver isnt up to date on the Fang, it messes everything up on you key binds.

So right now I am looking at having to go back to a keyboard at some point when I wear out the Fang I am using currently plus my backup or when the driver becomes outdated from an OS update/upgrade, but I will have to do some modification on my desk first. I am going to have to remove the small drawer from my desk and extend/install a new keyboard shelf so that a regular sized keyboard and a mouse will fit together on the keyboard shelf. I have found that having them both on the keyboard shelf is much more egonomic and helps with wrist/arm and shoulder fatigue and other issues such as prevention of carpal tunnel.

Just reverse the key binds to p-l-;-’. It lays almost identically to wasd in the other side
That is P is forward, l is left etc.
Shift is still sprint, Ctrl is still crouch, and spacebar is Jump.
Place weapons on o, i, [, k, m, 9,0,-,= or whatever.

A razer mouse is probably best for you. They ambi. If you have 7 buttons, you can place gravgun on right side back and last weapon right side front os something like that.

This is my cnfg.
Arrows Movement.
Right shift sprint
Right ctrl crouch
1 for jump
2 xbow
enter smg
7 previous weapon
mouse 3 shotty
Mouse 4 mag
0 grav gun
I’ve tried switching it to ijkl but i didnt like it. Eh, I like my cnfg.


Good News for lefties and those of us that use the Ideazon Fang Gamepad

Steelseries has started production and support of the Fang gamepad. WOOT!