List of good maps

Hi all, I just ran across your site. I’m glad to find a group that’s passionate about increasing visibility of good maps in the community. I was too, back in the day when I created this site:

The site hasn’t been updated in two years (and don’t expect any more updates, either :slight_smile:), but even if I had maintained it over those intervening years, I doubt the map collection would’ve doubled in size.

Feel free to use anything you find on the site, including a list of all the map sites I could find in 2005-06, as well as the screenshots. All screenshots are 800x600, resized from 1600x1200, 8xAA, with the crosshair and HUD removed. Most of the download links are probably broken by now, but you’ll probably be able to find active download links for all the maps on the site.

It’s unfortunate that most of the great maps don’t get the play time they deserve. At one time I was running a map stats aggregator that pinged all servers every 7 minutes to see which maps they were running (I think I still have the C# code around if anyone’s interested). If memory serves, the ranking of maps by number of player-minutes saw a couple of the official maps on top, followed very closely by several variants of dm_killbox and other gimmicky maps. I have a feeling that this is mostly because people–server operators and players–don’t know what the good maps are.


Well hi, that was you huh? I visited that site a few times back in the day. I appreciate your willingness to share it with us and allow us to use the content. Are you making a comeback to hl2dm at all, or did you never leave?

Feel free to add me to steam friends also, I’d like to chat sometime.

My community page is linked in my sig.


very cool, i have most of those old maps on my server, and a few that make me wanna find them and look around.
I was always amazed and the amount of maps in hl2dm i spent weeks and weeks in the start just looking at them.

yes, I remember that site as well. It’s a pity, that you won’t update it anymore…

btw: game-monitor has a feature to list (actual) top50 of maps: