Map overviews?

Yeah , does anybody have a .jpg showing the map from above? Like 4 example lost village?
Just for “studying” it (spawns , gathers , weapons , suit , easter eggs)
thx in advance :exclamation:

load any map you want to see locally(on your PC) and then turn cheats on, then go into noclip.

Yeah that was the other option :exclamation:

i tried this a looooooong time ago. since i dont have photoshop or anything to add nice fancy symbols, i was hoping someone would cough up the goods. no dice. you want it, you gotta put in the effort and adapt with w/e software you have. iirc, there is a specific way to do the overhead shots. mappers prolly know. something more than just noclipping above the map.

edit: now the newer maps, the creator is usually pretty good at providing you with an overhead shot if you ask nicely. it may not have all the info you’re looking for, and some of the spawn points/weap placements/etc may have changed slightly from the original overhead… but its a decent starting point. the older maps, good luck even finding out who the creator was.

Oh i’ll try to , got some skills in ps , but a noclip sshot wont seem thaaaat pretty now… good luck, u need only 2-8 steps

Here’s one I made ages ago, unfortunately I’ve lost the psd, but I had weapon and item layouts marked too.
I may be doing 1 for dm_lostvillage (& dm_servus) as our clan will using it as a home map so keep em peeled. :slight_smile:

Used photoshop and hammer to edit the views.

very nice pig!

Here’s one of lostvillage I made a few years ago. Numbers are spawn points. No items marked though.

here’s a WIP version of LV_r1 I’m making atm. If anyone has better callpoint names I’d appreciate your input.

PS: how do i create thumbs in here?

Good stuff.

I just use [u]photobucket[/u] to host all my pictures and it auto creates thumbs.
Or you could resize the image and make your own.

ohhh very nice again pig. as far as names go, its just what makes sense to you and your team and how anal you all want to be about naming every little area. some of the names ive heard used that differ from yours:

small container = L (ell) or side tank or upper tank
divide = gate
bridge = lawn or grass
container = crates or container
crossbow = or middle or center or crossbow
rpg house 1 and 2 (1st level 2nd level)
mag house 1 and 2 (bldg in L area) or tank house 1 and 2
rpg house 1 and 2
crate house (container house) 1 and 2 (bldge between crates and lawn)
tunnel (where closet crossbow is located), even lawn tunnel and crate tunnel to designate sides
path between tank and crossbow = roadway or road

and thanks again to cynips. you were one of the few kind enough to provide that LV overhead way back when.

btw, i lost the few i had collected to a hard drive failure. but i remember having one of the original lockdown (there’s a kinda sorta overhead of ld in the seagul 1v1 page here on the U. but the one i had was different and im damned if i remember where i got it). caverns and lost arena i think i pulled out of threads here from the first mapping contest. seems like i also had biohazard and a couple others i now forget.

edit: aha! i remember where i got a few now. go here:

click on the maps that interest you. some have overhead pics included. some have nothing.


Here are the crappy ones I made when .flaS was still playing.


You really dont need to be that specific as far as callouts because even in the leagues that are now non-existent, players move so fast, by the time you call them out they’ll be somewhere else. We used to say things like “crate house lower, going hidden xbow” that sort of thing.

And look at mine, I made mine in less than 10 minutes total for both. They don’t have to be super fancy, just use what works.
There is also a program that is supposed to generate map overviews called Gtactix or something. Google search it. And be sure to let me know if its legit. lol

Also if you plan to make your own, use that overview guide that The Dog posted. I had no idea there was such a guide and a way to do that until now, so dont make the mistake of doing what i did. Also, if you plan to make your own for your own team, keep callouts as simple as possible. The shorter your words, the better off you are. Keep things from sounding like other areas.

those made me all sentimental n shit. also remember playing that shitheap of a map for cal 4v4 that had 2 rpgs? i forget the name… one of the rockets was separated by an ivy wall? and we just called that whole pillar spot “20 fps” cause gas mask’s computer would curl up and die when he came in there xD

dm_aftermath. Valar made that map. <3