Mapdownload portal

…just wanted to inform you guys, that we started a new mapdownload section at the bloodsuckers website after collecting maps nearly 6 years.
we have around 1900 maps online, in 2-3 weeks all screened. We screened the maps with netgraph on, so you can also see, if fps balance is ok @ those maps. we used 250gts and 285gtx cards.
so have a look at download section of
maybe you find a map you didnt know before, as we were surprised of some cool maps around by taking screenshots.
If one of the mappers is around here and dont want, that we host his map or there is an update around of his work, pls inform us. of course we could not know every mapper .)

looking good that download section off youre site. i even found 2 (3) killboxes made by me in youre list, always good to see that. :thumbsup:

rofl, 1900 maps versus the like 50 on efps


in Dal’s(and all the others that worked on eFPS) defense, i believe they stated from the get go, one of the objective’s for the eFPS site was to filter out a lot of the garbage maps and focus on maps that the comp. community uses most frequently—also maps that have commonly been deemed exectable by said community. dont forget nervous, that Dal is putting up a lot of his own money and time for no reward other than pleasing this community and keeping this game alive. think about all that before you post something stupid.

TY Chem

And yeah its not like I dont have 3 other games to worry about as well? lol. god damn nervous grow up a bit.

Other than that, nice list you have there!

yeah, you’re right that’s very important. anyways I was just saying that efps had a lot of preparation and there are very little maps on there, and then this shows up with 1000+ maps. it’s just funny to me.

kinda dickish putting a watermark on all the screenshots isnt it? I understand someone went to the trouble to take a screen of each map, but I still feel that if you arent making money off those screenshots then why bother lol. For the love of the game no?