Mappers - VBCT IS HERE!!!
get it now!

another magic tool from qUiCkSiLvEr

coolio, i’m on it. :smiley:

so this is used to compile maps outside of hammer? or thats what it looks like.


Ummmm Can someone explain what this does?

VBCT - (Valve Batch Compiler Tool ) - essencially takes all three programs SDK is using: VBSP, VVIS and VRAD and compiles a map without using Hammer. the benefits are various. less CPU and RAM usage, you can compile using two machines, you have the option of having VBCT working in the backgroug while you’re off playing DM or running Hammer and continue mapping while its working. you can cancle the compile whist processing which is impossible in Hammer (and u have to basically kill the process from the task mngr). the compile logs are easier to view anf handle. all sorts of different features that make compiling easier and more fun. many advanced command lines are here in form of clickable buttons so here comes for example one of the most unknown command lines into play -final this command basically runs a second pass on of VRAD to better skylight and overall lighting behavior in your map. etc etc etc. . …
this tool is omfg and i can say i haven’t used Hammer for compiling even once ever since i started using vbct.

I don’t map, but this program looks great and really helpful :slight_smile:

got it now! cool beans!


peace :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

This topic should be sticky or something… so that everyone could see it in the begining and save lots of trouble to more ppl.

(I knew I’ve seen this somewhere. Now I bumped into it. And bumped it too :mrgreen: )

vtrue. WT? this is the best thing that’s ever happen to SDK!!



Request Sticky.

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Anywho… does this also compile faster than Hammer?

i’d say it does, but the best thing is it doesn’t hang your computer while compiling…

It wasn’t. I ninja stickied it when I saw your request. :ninja:

VBCT is win.

VBCT works in Orangebox ! ! !

I’ve actually seen something like this before. 1911 suggested it to me but it didn’t work. I’ma gonna try it out now.

EDIT: why does nothing run on a x64 bit XP computer :*(??

because 64bit OS and hosts are not truly supported. far from optimized and are paid-for betas.

[quote="[EYE] Valar"]
because 64bit OS and hosts are not truly supported. far from optimized and are paid-for betas.

I would install windows 7 but when it tries to first-time boot it goes black and freezes. I looked up the problem and its my graphics card. I’ll need to borrow or get a new graphics card to finish the installation :frowning:. – which is stupid.

Plus if I try installing 32-bit windows only one of 4 cores work and only half of the ram works.

P.S. I hate Vista and that is totally out of the question.