Mapping Links and Resources

I was planning to start learning a bit about hammer and how to create some nice maps. I was hoping you could give me any ideas, tips, links with information, anything that can help me get started.
Thanks in advance =). … 0Resources


Dr Bob’s mapping utilities. These come in handy if want to Mod a map, pack custom information, test your map without loading up the game & more.

WOW . Thanks a lot to both of you, ko-tao and thorofin.
I think this is more than enough for the moment, It will take me a while to process the info =P.

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Since this could be a reoccurring question, can we get a sticky on this?

Done. Thread title will be changed to be more specific.

Please post any additional links you have to good mapping info in this thread.

Sadist’s site:

A clan mate gave also gave me this page, which has some nice tutorials.


Interlopers is mentioned in the first reply post already. It was added last week.

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a few links to sites and tuts i’ve come across in my work and found useful (Some may be duplicates with what’s been posted here already. maybe we should compile some sort of static page with a link list that’ll be updated periodically) :

How to add custom sounds to your map :

Cubemaps placement :

Creating a sewer / pit :

Hint brush tut :

Check errors in your map :

Simple door tut :

Awesome website from a mapping master Zombie@computer. a MUST READ FOR ANY MAPPER:

a German site for editing and mapping …

Please let me know if any or the links is broken or with any questions.
i’m planning on starting a dedicated thread with hands-on tips for mapping and for us to have a sort of online board for errors and mapping issues. . …

This book is good for starting out with Hammer

Don’t ever buy a book all those guys do is basically put the stuff you can get online in the book then jack you for 20$. Unless you have some reason you want a hard copy such as for a long trip. I say that also as a general rule for anything computer related.

Starting you should do just a 1 room map go through the tutorials at any of those sites. Like this one
Too many people want to jump right in and think they will make zeta then they come to me with the stupidest question. You have to start small. And understand the basic building blocks and know you can actually compile the map or heck you have to know what compiling even is.

Compiling: Putting all your team combine spawns in one place.

I like having a book because I can have the book open and the screen on the same thing I am trying to do. I dont have to print out a gazzilion pages and then file them, mix them up or lose them. I can refer to the book and work on the screen without having to go through this:

  1. Look at what I am trying to do on the online reference page and study it for at least a minute trying to memorize the steps.
  2. Minimize the reference page.
  3. Try to remember wtf I was looking for/at and what the steps were.
  4. Maximize the reference page “oh yea”
  5. Minimize the reference page, “oh crap its not working…wtf!”
  6. Maximize the reference page “OHHHH !!! DUH, You dumbass!”
  7. Minimize the refernece page “There, got that goddamned thing done. Next…”

Book on how to…$20
Side by side visual reference…PRICELESS!

I thought this tut site was gone, but it’s up again.

The mapping council forum, hosted by TSF clan:

Mapping Support available here, questions welcome.

something i’ve had since before mud. not sure why i never posted this before

:ninja:says: learn ya toolstextures


Couldn’t see this one sorry if it’s here and I’m blind. - some great entity tutorials and experiments, material packs etc. Aimed at HL2 SP but most of them work for DM too.