Mating Rituals of the Hippopotamus

Hey wassup,
Im [HCC] Rioku, go by [HCC] Rio now.

Some of you may know me, some may not.

Been playing over 3-4 years, on and off, on and off.

I don’t play alot anymore, [HCC] is mostly L4D now.

I’ve been in 2 clans.


and [HCC] - Hooked on Cron!ks Clan

I like apple, strawberry and pumpkin pie.
Sometimes I alias alot, I usually alias with fake clans lol.

Like [ReS] or something dumb.

Thats about me.

Sup Rioku
aka Punk

ummmmmmmmm, apple pie

I more of a key lime type of guy.

welcome :wink:

cherry pie. mmmm mmmmm.

and welcome to the U.

Awww… were were the Hippos… I was going to add a couple of Tasmanian devils, now they have fun! WELCOME to the U!!

My moms pressuring me to go to university and get good grades…
Do you guys offer any degrees or something?

lol… Only in HL2DM but you wont ever get a job doing it. Nice try though :wink:

Stop breaking people’s dream, I’m sure it could help getting him a job at gamestop

lol yea if they had a question on the interview: "What was the best multiplayer FPS ever made?
He would know the answer. :slight_smile:

hahaha I get that everytime

‘‘so con whats your fav game atm’’
-hl2dm, sadly.
‘‘hl2 multiplayer… you must mean css?’’
-no hl2 has a multiplayer, with the gravgun and all…
‘’ :open_mouth: ‘’ /seizure /wrist /brainmelt


‘‘I tought you had a good computer, you still play that?!?’’
-Yeah but I love how yo-
‘‘Why not Warsow then.’’
- …

:confused: :frowning:

Yes truly a sad and depressing state of affairs… :cry:

Welcome to the U! Enjoy your stay!

Why yes as it happens. It is a four year degree. Quarterly tuition is $3500 and can be paid by paypal to Each quarter we will send you a list of server IPs to go pub on.

At the end you will get a Bachelor of FPS Gaming degree and a free copy of HL2DM on CD (only $9.00 S&H).

clan-hopping scrub