moar demos

I think we could use more demos on the site for people to download, I also think if we are to do this we need to gather a bunch so it can be easier on whoever is uploading them to the site. ALso I think a cool idea would be to take a good 4v4 match STV and record it somehow where you get a overall idea of what is going on, with someone commenting on what is going on much like a sportscast. ← This would also be fun to get a sponser to pick up Cal-4v4 to cast some matches of the week etc

DO IT!!!1

I could shoutcast for you but that would get wild fast.

I think voice dub commentary would rock, like they did with TF2 during CEVO.

We should def do this. Great idea!


mmh let me check i used to know a site that did host shoutcasts for lot’s of games.


ya lets try and find as many links to sites that do this kinda of thing, maybe someone would help us.

freaking great idea.
I’ve even seen people using this shoutcasts on frag videos and it definitely looks good IMO

yes I saw a tf2 frag video in which did the shoutcast…pretty cool :smiley:

hahaha sick…

this is something i would gladly do, id just need to get some prac in on a few scrims and such

but this would be sick haahhah

blas can be my co anchor

Pssht, I would be a better shoutcaster then you Bahlk :stuck_out_tongue:. I will be getting a mic this week and would gladly coanchor some matches if this picks up steam.

the new guy has a great anchor man voice lol

I would love to see some community regulars do commentary, I think it would be hilarious.

WORD! oh man this would be hilarious… I’d do commentary if needed

yea i would be down to do it, I think the name of our anchor group is gonna be called “blast and company” hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Blasphemy Squad’s Squad?

Ok, so now how to do this??

Idk a start would be just getting some personal Demo’s on the site for people to download and watch