Movie reviews @ CU

Hey there,

Clans-United admin Warrior has started a project where he will be discussing the community’s best fragmovies.
The first review is up :

If you have any suggestions you can send him a private message , or write your own review and post it on the movie’s board :

Fragmovies form the base of recruitment for the competitive community. It is important that they get the necessary attention and promotion!
Your input in commenting the reviews and suggesting new movies, and even putting up reviews yourself is really appreciated.
After this update incident the hl2dm community was struck with a wave of inactivity and disappointed.
I can assure you though we are now fully passed that. CU has regained its active member base and is growing again.
The admin team of Clans-United will do everything in its power to keep this community active and fun.

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When is SND gonna finish his frag vid?


no idea lol… i doubt he ever will tbh…

Oh be sure. Coupla months ago he hinted that there’s nothing going on, and there’s nothing like he would bother about HL2 anymore.

if he’s like me, the OB update sucked all the life right out of his project.