Netcode(rate,ticrate,choke, and loss)

Here is a new guide explaining some things that I found to be in correct with some other guides. I don’t doubt that someone will post a link to another one. I would be surprised if the whole guide goes over everything I talk about in here. I show recommendations for server admins and clients. Most net guides only go over clients sides stuff.

I did not post demos nor am I since all of this, if followed correctly can be tested in servers that don’t force your rates. You will be able to see the results on the screen. How you feel playing like this or what your used to will play a part. Even tho this guide is right some people that are used to choking or having low rates won’t feel comfortable playing at these. This doesn’t mean I am wrong just you don’t feel right playing with them.

Last, remember if you go into an empty server no matter what you have your rate set at you probably won’t choke. But go into a server with 16 people and alot of action depending on what you set your rate to you will choke.

Thanks, I’ll have a read.

Some real good info in here esp for the person who has no clue about netcode and settings. I find your thoughts on rate quite interesting and I will definitely be talking to a few server admins who run pubs that ofter have a lot of players. I myself have a 15 mb download so setting rate at 100,000 makes sense. It will be interesting to see if I lose the occasional choke on the few highly populated servers I visit after they raise max rate.

Although very few hl2dm servers run at 100 tick and for good reason (certain maps won’t work right at 100 tick) I understand why you showed the examples of ideal settings, but think they are for the most part going to be limited to 66/66/66,000.

If you were to do anymore work on this project I would suggest getting into interp and how that can effect things as well as cleaning up the grammar.

I tested this on Khaos server (thanks paradox) and can confirm that setting rate higher did in fact eliminate choke.
When I joined the server it was full 16 players and I was running 66/66/30000 client side and I was getting 10-20 choke consistanly.
Paradox raised the servers sv_maxrate to 100000 and I set my client to 66/66/66000 and choke went away instantly and never returned.

Cal needs to take another look at the reasoning behind setting sv_maxrate 30000 and consider changing that. The idea behind limiting rate below what todays bandwith capabilities can support is beyond me.

At this point I cant confirm that hit registration was actually better, but it wasn’t worse and having no choke is a plus!

I might try running the pub with that maxrate for a few days and see what it does. I will also try those rates.

Thanks Guys for testing it out and confirming my findings. About 4 months ago I posted something on this in steam forums and pretty much was told I was and idiot lol. I really want to do something on interp. I just can’t find any really good info and a solid way to test it. If anyone has some links to information explaining interp post it… The best explanation of interp is on the wiki

How accurate it is I am not sure. It basically it is saying that cl_interp_ratio 2 is the best settings. Which sets your cl_interp cl_interp to cl_interp_ratio/updaterate or ticrate. So whichever setting is lower tickrate or updaterate it figures the interp for you. Simpler way to view this is how many updates in the past do you want to use to calculate what is actually happening now. cl_interp_ratio is how many updates in the past. If you go to many I don’t think it would be accurate anymore. So in theory I am thinking cl_interp_ratio 2 would be the way to go maybe even 3 not higher than 3 though.

Oh yea has anyone been in a server yet where it is 66 tic or above and you look at the net_graph and it shows you sending 66-68 updates but your only receiving 60-62 updates. That is a perfect example of admins not adding sv_maxupdaterate 66 or 100 to there server.cfg. Default if setting isn’t there is 60…

I always wondered why, I thoguth they were doing it deliberate for soem sterange reason now i know they are not.
I have upped the sv_maxrate on my server now and also my rate bt 90% servers still limit to 30000 or 25000, I have also lowered my graphics settigns to help increse fps on the less FPS friendly maps.

I been asking for a guide on how properly set up a server and this seems to answer some of the questions. who was there person that was going too make a server admin guide for hl2dmu.
its really important for server admins to know this stuff if they knew it it would increase the overall quality of the servers we have in hl2dm which i have been on more than one occasion find servers that are not setup right.

I could try to put one together it will take longer. It will take alot more time cause I would have to go into detail on mani mod. The difference between ticrate and fps on a server which even confuses me some lol… The more I think about it yea will take alot more time. But I will see if I can find time if the other person doing one isn’t doing it.

It wouldn’t need too much more than just posting a really well set up a cfg for a 66 tic server.

Ya our servers could use some good settings that allowed good communication yet disallowed any of the low rate “tweaks” that some bastids use :smiley:

I guess I could come up something like that pretty quick. But the thing is in my conclusion those settings for the server are settings to use in any ticserver. What you do is set the settings the highest possible settings cause the ticrate is ultimately going to force them lower. Ticrate is the main controller for updaterate and cmdrate you can’t go higher then the ticrate but you can go lower. So by setting sv_maxcmdrate 100 and sv_maxupdaterate 100 works for 100tic, 66tic, and 33tic… Cause the server will never let the client get more updates or send more updates then what the server ticrate is. The only way you can see this force is by using net_graph.

Wrote this while keeper posted. But I think I got the idea kind of. What is good settings that lets everyone receive the most and the best but not let the other rate hackers lower theres to the point there hard to hit. I gotcha I can write something up I hope today on that.

I am also going to write this assuming that the use of dial up to play online games is really just retarded. I will write up something that assumes that your average player has a 128kbit connection or higher. Really the average player should have 256kbit but I don’t want to discriminate lol…

sounds good, as far as the server cfg it should really be geared to 66 tick since there might only be 2 100 tick servers out there and they have problems. 100 tick in hl2dm is a no go.

:evil: I wish I had that connection again

I set the rates and whatnot on my pub to match the CAL settings when I set it up so that any particular ‘feel’ that the config emparts to the player would be consistent between the servers for my CAL team. I stll want t try setting the max rate to 100000 for a bit. I will post when I get to it so those that want to can check it out.

OK everyone, I have set my public server’s maxrate to 100000. I will leave it that way for a week or so and see what we can find out.


I set ours to 100000 also. All my choke is gone. The game is smooth again. When I put the value in the server.cfg tho it didn’t work. I had to stick it in the valve.rc file.

Going to continue to monitor this.