Netcode(rate,ticrate,choke, and loss)

Keep, I did this in TG yesterday did you also reset it?

Ya, I saw it in the server.cfg file. But gameservers must do some kind of protection on the startup command line because it was still 30000. Putting it in the valve.rc file seems to override the startup parameters.

That could be if your with, they have some funky things like that. I have nuclear fallout and I just added it to my server cfg and it took fine.

Hmmmm I think an undesired side effect might be physics not doing the appropriate damage and killing people when it should. Have seen a few radiators and sawblades bounce off.

That happens at 100 tick, but shouldnt happen with raised limit afaik. You are still running at 66 tick right?

I also asked nino to raise the rate at wrw and apparently he did since I checked my rate there earlier and it was 66000. We played a round on some map cannon I think it was and all we did was prop kill and there was nothing weird. I also played KBH at 66000 and it was fine as well. So far I’m impressed with the higher rates!

Yeah it feels good at that rate. I’ve been playing around 50000 just cause I keep bumping it up to see what gets rid of the choke.

But does it affect players who don’t change their rates? Will somebody playing at 25000 with the max rate on the server changed still feel the same? Or will it get choppier for them? I think WT saw something there.

yes still 66 tick

100 tic DM FTL

Hits registered for a change, but it felt choppy and slow. I checked my netgraph and was running at around 40 choke instead of the usual 0. Why does increasing the max cause client choke?

I was always getting choke on that server. I think it’s a gameservers problem. When I increased my rate, it was just fine.

First off, I think some things you are seeing is Coincidence. Because changing a sv_maxrate setting in server couldn’t change anything that would effect the server. Another thing is if you did change that and the client did to you would actually relieve the server. Choke means the server is holding on to your updates and waiting for you to be able to receive them. Then it lets it go. So choke can actually hurt the server by making it work harder. my suggestion is to put sv_minrate 50000 or 70000 in so that clients joining won’t choke. I have that in my server guide just is taking me along time to get it all typed up. If nobody on your server chokes then more than likely the server should be running smooth. Now forcing every client to a high rate may create loss for them if they have a slow internet connection. But if loss happens the updates are gone and the server isn’t haveing to do any more work then it did.

Slow internet connections if experiencing loss. Can lower there cl_updaterate to get rid of loss. Which is the optimal way if they lowered there rate to get rid of loss it would just turn into choke. Since you want to get rid of both then lowering updaterate is the way to go.

Do you think it’s possible that forcing a high updaterate might cause the server to work so hard sending out updates that it impacts server fps? I’m not talking about rate now, but e.g. 66 max updaterate compared to 33 max?

I’m hearing some complaints on my server and I’m wondering about the possibilities that they actually are related to my test settings. I’m inclined to think that most cases are just coincidences or players’ minds playing tricks on them.
I HAVE seen less than perfect hit reg though, but I can’t say it’s worse than before…

yeah and watch me ping out afterwards

I’m not so sure that would cause loss but it would cause choke if the clients net wasn’t up to par. The client really needs to use your conversion chart and really test their net speed to make sure its consistent before deciding on what rate to run on their machine. MY thought is that dsl varies at times and it could be aceptable at one moment but not another. Cable being more consistent you would be less likely to see the higher rate cause trouble.
Loss usually occurs when packets don’t arrive due to bad routers across the net, and I’m not 100% positive if loss could be created due to client settings but I don’t think so.

I heard someone say that moderns online shooters can cope with considerable choke (like 40) but is sensitive to loss.

I checked my servers and the sv_maxrate 0 that means it unlimited im not sure thats a good thing.

Would there be any problems if the maxrate is set too high by the client and the server allowed it would this have any bad effect on the server and players. Right now there no limit on the rate u can choose on the server and as i said im not sure if that a bad thing but could a player abuse this to their advantage.

Is rate directly affected by the number of players in the server, what i mean is more players means higher rate?

rate is the rate your client exchanges info with the server. Player count shouldn’t have any bearing on what rate you use. You true consistent net speed should be the deciding factor on what rate you use. If you use a rate higher than your connection can handle, you will saturate your connection and start to see choke.

To clarify … if you have a game server hosted by somebody else and have a 16 person server, then you may encounter choke because their pipe might not be big enough if all of the players are pushing the max rate you set.

The same can be said if you set your rate too high for your connection.