New board for map design tutorials

I think we might want to make a new board for Valars and anyones map design tutorial posts. Leave the Dept of Architecture to discussions of maps themselves, but the actual teaching of map design should be in a seperate board IMO or a sub board to keep them all together in one place. Maybe call it the Dept of Graphic Design?

why dept of graphic design?

if anything… create a sub forum in in dept of architecture called tutorials that only advisors can start threads in.

I think I’m actually going to encourage people to use the wiki and post links here.

That wiki is gona get pretty big.

Either way all of his tutorial threads should be separated out into their own section so they are all together and not mixed in with threads that are “Hey I finished my map” or “Anyone know where to find…” or “Look at these cool new maps that jsut came out.”

I played with having subsections for map releases etc, but really its just more places to check. Once things are moved to the wiki, a new tut announcement here will be fine I feel.

im all for tidier desktop. wiki is vcool for this.

Awesome, did I sign you up already?

If not drop me a PM with the email you want the password sent to.

Yeah the wiki is the better place for all the articles things get to lost in the forums it just isnt designed for that. The wiki has been slow to build up I think temporarily at least public sign up should be allowed to encourage people to contribute.

wiki is cool just as long as some tard doesn’t come along and delete things like we have seen in the past.

Yeah, I am just wary of Wikis in general and I would rather have trusted parties working on em. I also want to avoid anyone with an axe to grind signing up and messing with things.

It is not hard to request sign up anyway.