New features for mappers in the OB-HL2DM

For general information read about the Orangebox here

hi there val…

i found this and hopefully followed the steps to make sdk run again…

but it didn´t work my end…
i could manage to change the Game config… but on trying to start hammer… i get this error message

setup file gameinfo.txt doesn´t exist in subdirectory… check ur -game parameter or vconfig setting

help please… anyone??

you probably done something wrong. it’s working for me just fine.
add me on steam and i’ll walk you through it.

thx val

great work… :smiley:

if someone having trouble starting ur SDK/hammer for DM under OBE watch this:



is hammer more “sensitive” now? im getting compile errors because of leaks i wasnt getting b4. which is a good thing, but i was just wonder. btw Valar, damn you, why didnt you tell me about the point file? :smiley: chemie love the point file.

i didn’t tell you about a lot of things bro. you really think anyone can handle ALL the info all at once? you mad?

anyways…for those of you still having issues loading up the new Hammer. here we go:

[quote="[EYE] Valar"]
i didn’t tell you about a lot of things bro. you really think anyone can handle ALL the info all at once? you mad?

not mad at all, was joking[insert leet U forum phrase to good friend here]

not mad at all, was joking[insert leet U forum phrase to good friend here]

haha. forgot youmad for americans means something else. i meant - are you crazy?
anyway…skype sessions bring it on.

Well, I set up sdk according to the tutorial that ac posted above, but here’s my problem. I start hammer and after a few minutes it freezes. I have to kill it in task manager. :-\ It doesn’t matter if I start a new map, or open an existing map – the same thing happens. :cry: idk

follow the instructions again and make sure all it met.
if not, i’d reinstall SDK.

For some reason Hammer freezes in OB 2009 (even after reinstall), but if I set it up for 2007, it runs just fine. Except buildcubemaps won’t work now. Oh well; one thing at a time. Maybe I’m missing a super-secret update or something, even though I set my shit to keep updated automatically. xD

EDIT: idk why but for some reason it works fine on my laptop. xD Weird… :sketchy:

ooo–ooooo so we get more cool effects, a couple of new soundscapes, more entities and new npc’s ^.^

Can’t wait to try these out :smiley:!

word of warning, this has happened to me three times now since using the 09 config:

when you open up your map file, CAREFULLY check your map’s orientation on the grid. If you find that it looks like Hammer has moved everything ever so slightly off the original location, close it and try reopening the file; if you’re lucky Hammer will sort itself out and put everything back where you built it.

Working ahead on a misaligned map will cause you no end of headaches including untraceable leaks, extended compile times, and suspect map performance.

Nothing happened to me like that, the only time that has happened to me is when some1 sent me a map file from their computer and it appears off the grid.

The new particle system in hammer is a good feature and looks great ingame, I tested a few days after hl2dm ob update.
But has anyone got any particles working when using pakrat? :sketchy:
Also working on a server e.g. files sent to cilent for download on server join.

Here’s 2 particles and text file needed. /hl2dm/particles (for test)


Ok we got the particles working and downloaded to cilent.

Mike, did you have a current updated list of Cvars for HL2DM OB?

This is what i’ve got maybe this will help others.

Other OB Particles Files (download)

E.G. where to put files on fast download and server end (download)

[OB] Full Particle List (very big list)

SM File/Folder Downloader and Precacher (source Mod pluggin)

Topic where I first used ob particles on a map

About Particles_manifest.txt


[OB] Full Particle List (very big list)

most don’t work in Hammer (even when triggered) …that’s part of the reason for me asking
That is to say it seems Valve’s simply ported HL2DM to the Orangebox but not like HL2DM is now EP2 Deathmatch. it’s not. it’s Half Life 2 Deathmatch on the OB. EP1 and 2 L4D1 and 2 and TF2 particles don’t work in it.