New features for mappers in the OB-HL2DM


I’ve tested way over 40 Half-Life 2: Episode 2 particles and about 3 CSS ones.
If you don’t have a particle folder here hl2mp\particles also no particles in it
and no particles_manifest.txt file they won’t work ingame as they are needed.

Note some don’t spawn on where you put an particle_system (That is strange)

omg the rocket science level directory bullshit from l4d has finally come to hl2dm. awww here we go
hope we won’t need VPKs to ship maps haha

Another link

About Particles_manifest.txt

EDIT 2011
ob particle effects packed and working inside map .BSP :slight_smile:

Silent Client and Server update took place earlier today

Cut Down Vis compile time (func_viscluster)

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func_viscluster has been around for a while but never got around to using it. Also old thread is old.

Well it’s a ob feature that’s not listed here, so I updated the thread for people that didn’t know.

fviscluster was introduced in L4D. it was never available for dm. that’s news alright.
Thanks Mike!