New plugin idea?

Would it be possible for anybody to create a plugin in which, let’s say, server operator specifies the name of the 1v1 and team plugins, and then players would have to “ready up” by typing something, or pressing a button. If there are 2 players in-game and all others are in spec, and both are readied up, it would execute the 1v1 config, and all? Possible or impossible?

Doesn’t HL2DM have mp_readyrestart 1. I have no idea what it is but if it’s meant to restart a game when everyone is ready then it fails.

→ And for a script some1 made:

you mean like in esea?

Possibly, never got serious enough into Tf2 or CSS to buy ESEA, although i might soon, anyways.

i believe kandy made a plugin just like that a long time ago

hmm, okay, i’ll see if i can find it somewhere. thanks.