Not a question about the site, but the 'Official Server'

Alright, can someone tell me why I, †h3 Nèw Ġuy`™, ya know - me - is banned from the HL2DM Official Server?

Not the Training Server, the Real One, last time i was in there was after training W/ Epoch…

If this has something to do w/ the issues between Paradox and myself I swear…I am going to go ballistic

…she can just mute me like everyone else who doesn’t like my banter

answer is ur a ***** and a pain in the ass now quit ur bitching ***** ****** :exclamation: :exclamation: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Maybe you should think twice about how you interact with other players, and especially site officials.

I once got banned without a reason, and the issue was fixed just after some time I requested for help…so maybe you should wait a bit too see what’s going on :slight_smile:

Knowing the new guy i’d say there was almost certainly a reason…he can be a tad…inappropriate at times.

So he’s got a big mouth, hes funny shit! I love this guy, I’ve heard about this tiff with paradox, and I don’t know what was said buy cmon people, 3 strikes and your out eh?

Thats just outa line man. Be a little more ignorant. Sad Face :frowning:

About that “love thing”…
your not answering your phones so ill just say it here

…I’m pregnant

and I’m pretty sure it was yours 'casue we were kinda drunk and careless that night

Don’t tell Modus

How many strikes do I have anyways? :roll:


as you wish :wink: oh and one more thing Epoch know your facts before you go jumping into the pot :roll: the new guy is on our vent almost everynight with his big mouth, nuff said

See this is why I love this guy, PURE hilarity. Just great, the hl2dm world hates him and his sense of humor endures. BRAVO chap. But maybe you should stop looking for trouble eh? Be your gloriously un-PC self, just don’t go looking for places to be that person where its obviously not appreciated. :wink: Like my server for instance, your always welcome, I find your humor entertaining, therefore making it the perfect venue for your shenanagans. Just don’t be malious with your uncouthe jokes lol, some people of lesser mental constitution can acctually be offended by your off color toilet humor. :roll: So really what im trying to say is your a good guy, but everyone deserves respect, both you and your audiance.

Sorry for butting in where I have no personal experience Modus. I am completely ignorant as to what has gone on in your vent and am not trying to say anything about how you guys moderate it. My comment was less about New Guy and more about the racism, thats really what caught my eye in your post. Racism imo is not appropriate in any social forum be it internet or RL. There were obviously ways you could have conveyed your vehemence without resorting to racist remarks. Its like people using the word “gay” all the time its just stupid.

Sorry for perpetuating the bad vibes WT, but it had to be said. I’d say lock this baby up, nothing good is coming out of it.