Old movement on OB engine

Just in case you want the old movement from before the update back. There is a Sourcemod plugin to remove the no-sprint-after-crouch-bug. There is still a small delay left but it’s a big improvement compared to how the movement is now!

Check it out: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1324970

If you want to test it go there: (Germany based server, high ping for most of you I guess, but it should do for tests).

Enjoy! =)

i cant connect :0
game stucks on retrieving server info

Why? I mean can’t we just get used to the new bhop and play in normal servers?


I would say no.

For me playing the game now is way to frustrating knowing that I should be able to dodge an attack just like I did for the last five years and get away, not being stuck at low speed cuz I just came out of a crouched bhop.

Frustrated game play is not fun game play.

a little delay still exists) cant move fast in pipes, and server is laggy, maybe it’s only me :confused:

gj though i cant playtest it unless i do a dedicated with the plugin now for your new mission whether or not you choose to accept it fix transparent/invisible crosshairs

Why isn’t anyone playing the fricking OB mod from SubZero!?

Movement same as always, smooth, no delay.
Hits respectable.

WTH!? Just DL it and play. Why stick with Valve’s version they don’t support!?
I just don’t understand folks.
Regular version is completely broken. Servers are all laggy and sticky.
Movement is completely screwed, which is worse if you aren’t great at it in the first place.
Shit happens before it happens.
Shotty goes thru walls and around corners (or at least looks and feels that way).

Total unplayable and lame.
And the OB Mod sits with 3 guys on a locked server!!??
Really, WTF.


Wow… collective hate. I don’t like it either but splitting the community for this one reason is not a good idea.

Mods never work … especially when they are made for a game that is pretty much dead anyway. Don’t get me wrong, DM is all I’ll play. But as a general rule, the entire mod process is too complicated for most users. I have worked on several mods that were greatly desired and sought after. Once released it lasted about a week before the number of servers and players dwindled to nothing. Which is the reason I decided to just stop working on those types of projects and write something for server operators to be able to make the current game more fun.

Back in the Quake days, mods would download upon connection and the user could easily use them without having separate downloads and setups. It was much easier then. But those days are gone, and while this mod was a decent idea, it probably won’t last long. Nobody wants to support and keep up code that only a few people use. Which is why you also don’t see VALVe doing much with it either.

just make this plugin work 100%

it’s easy to say

but better than nothin

The OB Mod is just deathmatch. Down it and click on it in game list and play!!?!?

It’s the old movement. New engine, some fixes.
It needs clicks on game list and players and servers.
There are 4 or 5 already.

All this complaining and SubZero worked hard to fix the game, it is available.
Except for the Name, there really isn’t any difference.
It’s not CTF or CPMA or Gun Game or Dystopia.
It’s deathmatch.

If folks like the game all broken and want to complain and are too fucking lazy to download for free, then, well, idk.
Fuck it, i guess.

I think this pretty much sums it up and Impala I don’t think I have ever seen a more legit post.

I can’t believe that people are to fucking lazy or too retarded to download and install this mod, yet they can complain nonstop about valves 10 minute piece of crap update to no end.
It makes no sense to me, if you want to play the game and a good version of it at that play the mod, otherwise stfu and don’t ever support valve for anything as they have not supported us at all, ever.

i think this game has run it’s course considering Ive been playing this game pretty much everyday for about 5 years. it’s a shame they fucked up the movement but most people are to stupid to dl a mod.

The Argumentalizer, give me the server with some people and i will play it, im tired to jump alone just becoz of nubbyhop, it’s same as i play non-steam hl2dm to fly around there with objects lol there is still an old cracked server with 20 people online everyday

Holy fuck. THE ONLY REASON THAT PEOPLE AREN’T PLAYING THE MOD IS BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO LAZY TO GET THEIR MAPS AND CONFIGS WORKING. “Wahhhh i need 2 dl maps omg. also my cfg borken!!! Im gonna keep playing this absolutely terrible excuse for an updated version of hl2dm cause i’m too much of a lazy fucking idiot”.

It took me around 10 minutes or less to configure my maps folders by linking them (this is insanely easy to do), get a custom crosshair, and get the game configured to the point where it performs better than any version of hl2dm ever has for me.

Factually, HL2DM:OB is far superior in every single way than the update and also AG2’s vanilla hl2dm mode. If you think AG2’s hl2dm mode is completely accurate, you might not have eyes. Or hands. I’m not bashing AG2, I’m just saying it’s only good for the pro-mode.

If you have windows vista or windows 7, all you need to do is open command prompt in administrator mode, delete your hl2dmOB maps folder (except save dm_lockdown and dm_overwatch, because sub-zero updated them without renaming and you’ll have missing map errors) and type this

mklink /D “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods\hl2dmob\maps” “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\YOURSTEAMNAME\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps”

and hit enter. That’s literally all you need to do. The first filepath is the one that is created upon hitting enter. This is why you deleted your hl2dmOB maps folder. This will save you from EVER having to download any maps that you previously had in hl2dm. They will automatically work on all servers in hl2dmob.

Fact: The hitreg in HL2DM:OB is 99.9% as accurate as the recent updates. (I find it to be more accurate, because it allows for 100 / 100 /100000)
Fact: There are more models to play as
Fact: Movement is actually marginally smoother than it was ever before.

It’s making me rage so hard to see all these stubborn people continuing to play HL2DM. It is NOT a good update. More bugs exist than there were in the first place, and they could not have more blatantly disregarded all of the things we ever suggested to them. All the things that occured in the update were just natural effects of moving to the OB engine.

Fact: You are fooling yourself. VALVe will not notice.


Yeah, the more I think about it the more you are right. It’s funny how they completely ignored all of the bugs that accumulated and that we informed them of. Many of the same old ones still exist. They couldn’t care less about hl2dm :confused:

I bet they are open to mac user’s complaints though.