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Ok people, I’ve recently found out some stuff that might help all those movie makers out there !

First of all, my hud had one, ONE, single issue… it kept showing when a weapon was full. If you use hud_drawhistory_time 0 that won’t be a problem anymore !
Use this commands to get a completly clean screen, while keeping the death notices (if using my hud remover)

crosshair 0
Will remove the crosshair, use a single dot .png file as the crosshair, which you have to add during the editining on vegas/adobe. (pm me if you need it)

hud_saytext_time 0
Will remove text messages from chat

net_graph 0
Makes sure there is no net_graph on the screen

cl_showpos 0
No position/angle/speed notification

cl_showtextmsg 0
No plug in messages poping up at the upper left part of your screen

Voice_enable 0
Will remove microphone talk, while also taking out the notifications of who was talking

r_drawparticles 0
good to remove the fire effect when recamming

r_drawvgui 0
might be useful in certain situations to remove some stuff you don’t want to appear and couldn’t do it any other way. Using this command will remove EVERYTHING that is additional to the 3d stuff the game renders, so no hp, suit, ammo, death notices, net_graph, crosshair, whatever…
even console and game menu ! so be sure to bind a key to turn it back to 1 again…otherwise it can be a pain in the ass…
(only thing I don’t know so far is how to remove all the server notifications/ dominating and all the stuff signs, pm if you know, will update later if I found out…)

Also, here you have a list of some commands I found out which can be used for some sexy effects by overlaying them with less opacity or masking them on vegas/premier.

r_drawdisp 0
r_drawlightcache 1
r_drawclipbrushes 1
mat_wireframe 1 mat_wireframe 2 mat_wireframe 3
r_showenvcubemap 1
r_shadowwireframe 1
r_overlaywireframe 1
r_drawtranslucentrenderables 0
r_drawrenderboxes 1
r_drawopaqueworld 0
r_drawopaquerenderables 0
r_DrawModelLightOrigin 1
r_drawleaf 0
mat_showlowresimage 1
r_modelwireframedecal 1
mat_yuv 1
mat_reversedepth 1
vcollide_wireframe 1
[mat_leafvis 1 (can be good while moving, try it :] )](http://i309.photobucket.com/albums/kk382/0nti/mat_leafvis1.jpg)
r_DispBuildable 1
r_colorstaticprops 1
mat_luxels 1
mat_normalmaps 1
mat_normals 1
mat_measurefillrate 1
mat_showmiplevels 1
mat_fillrate 1
r_DispWalkable 1
r_drawlights 1
mat_depthbias_normal 1
mat_drawflat 1
r_nohw 1
r_drawsprites 0

I hope this is of any use for all those movie makers out there, have fun :smiley: <3 !

Thanks Onti ;D

hey any admin out there, I believe this would be nice sticked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hey, i’ve tried these commands. some are usefull, some not (in my opinion)
good job so far. correct me if something’s wrong

r_drawdisp 0
r_drawlightcache 1 shows the direction where the light comes from
mat_drawflat 1 useless
r_drawclipbrushes 0 useless
r_showenvcubemap 1 useless
r_shadowwireframe 1 dont know what has changed ^^ r_overlaywireframe 1 dont know what has changed ^^
r_drawtranslucentrenderables 0 dont know what has changed ^^ r_drawsprites 0 // Removes sprites --> Note: this can be really useful when recaming orbs, mags, etc, to remove the fire animation! r_drawrenderboxes 1 useless r_drawopaqueworld 0 useless r_drawopaquerenderables 0 barrels, fences, handrail, and lot more disappears r_DrawModelLightOrigin 1 useless r_drawleaf 0 useless mat_showlowresimage 1 super nintendo effect xD r_modelwireframedecal 1 dont know what has changed ^^
mat_yuv 1 // Monochrome effect nice, but could ne done with the movieprog you use
mat_reversedepth 1 useless
vcollide_wireframe 1
mat_leafvis 1 // Draw wireframe of current leaf useless
r_DispBuildable 1 dont know what has changed ^^ r_colorstaticprops 1 again super nes effect r_shadowcolor // sets shadow color, being 171 171 230 the default one mat_luxels 1 // Blue squares all over the map useless mat_normalmaps 1 shows you the vtf. files ( if you like to replace something) mat_normals 1 dont know what has changed ^^
mat_measurefillrate 1 useless
mat_fillrate 1 useless
mat_depthbias_normal 1 useless
r_nohw 1 same as r_drawopaquerenderables 0 ?
r_DispWalkable 1 useless for moviemaking, but good for new maps :wink:

lol they are far from useless if you applied them in the way I said… the idea is sync’ing it and overlay it with opacity for less than a second … like about 9 frames.
You have plenty of people using it on css movies, even at warsow I’ve seen it. try watching movies like “get alive 2” (css) or another short one of warsow from team logitech, just to name a few…

I’ll update the thread today with pictures of the effects…

well, in this case some of them makes sense, but why should i need (for example) the shadowframe, renderboxes or mat_luxels?

well, I also saw for instance mat_luxes as hard to use, but I asure you someone with the right knowledge in masking can find a use for it. :wink:

hey, got another problem. i don’t want to show the player names, i used hud_showtargetid “0” but i does’nt work, sv_cheats was on, hud was on, crosshair and deathnotice time was off
i read somewhere theres a comand like hud_drawnames “0” but it’s unknown in console.

the real command is “hud_showtargetid 0” but it doesn’t seem to work on hl2dm.
All I can think of is making a modification to the hud so that it doesn’t show up… if you have no idea on how to do it let me know and I’ll try…

Try this,
cl_showpluginmessages 0

Easy peasy. Use the attatched text file. These ones to be precise.

//"Playerid_sameteam"		"Don't shoot: %s1 Health: %s2"
//"Playerid_diffteam"		"Shoot me: %s1"
//"Playerid_noteam"		"%s1 Health:%s2"

Download and place in C:\program files\Steam\steamapps\username\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\resource
If you want o go back to default just move the file to a different folder or delete the slashes //

cool, wil try this. thanks

Hi, sry 4 my english. I know only russian. :neutral_face:

only thing I don’t know so far is how to remove all the server notifications/ dominating

cl_showtextmsg 0 maybe? And… is it possible to remove plugin SOUNDS (“Headsot” etc
) and how to do this?

cl_showtextmsg 0 fixed those black messages that pop up randomly on servers (and are stored on demos) at the upper left part of your screen.
If I recall correctly, it didn’t fix the dominating and stuff. You could try using r_drawvgui 0 though, that should work.
About the sounds… delete the files or move them from your folder and they shouldn’t be played :]

One else good cvar for drive mode - r_drawparticles 0

remove weapon fire effect



Thanks again Onti :smiley:

No one take onti’s advice, its a trick!

:shhh: ( :smiling_imp: )

lol cute emo

I’ll be damned, that video’s amazing!
Starts amazingly and keeps amazing all the way.

sry for the offtopic.

<3 onti! :blush:

Hum Doesn’t work if i’m watching a .dem file with shift + f2 …

Tried everything … also impulse 200 but in watching mode i can’t remove the weapons some one know’s how? :neutral_face: