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I recently found some information regarding games being moved to the OB engine. An update was released for Gmod yesterday which moved it to the OB enigine. Since I haven’t heard anything about other games being moved yet it would seem that Gmod is the ginny (lol spelling) pig. Hopefully hl2dm is soon to follow, I’m interested to see what it will change/improve if anything at all.
Article here:

This move to a new engine seems pretty important so I thought I’d let people know they moved the first game. At least to my knowledge.

Anyone know anymore about this? Any other games been moved? Possible effects of the move?

Maybe they will finally stop using us as the guinea pigs?

[quote=“Fearsome*”:39zd7bhk]Maybe they will finally stop using us as the guinea pigs?[/quote:39zd7bhk]
pfffft. unlikely. :(

lol I posted this in the other thread but ill ask it here as well.

I wonder what will happen with all of our custom maps when DM gets moved to the new engine? Will they still work? May be a stupid question but its beyond me what if any effect there might be. If there are problems its gona make a huge mess and we could lose a lot of really good maps…

The other problem I see is that they update OB engine now like every 2-3 days. Sometimes twice a day if they really bork something. Its constantly messing with my TF2 pub mani/metamod Source config. Have to reload the gamefile.txt every damn time and restart the server.

Didn’t realise this was in the news thread. This can be deleted.

[quote=“Epoch”:1vz6wh36]Didn’t realise this was in the news thread. This can be deleted.[/quote:1vz6wh36]

No it can stay, this is a different article. I’ll just move it there.

[quote="holymoly":9345y8yo]It would help this game hold over until hl3dm comes out in two years. [/quote:9345y8yo]


[quote="Mario 64 Master":1o7k9at2][quote="holymoly":1o7k9at2]It would help this game hold over until hl3dm comes out in two years. [/quote:1o7k9at2]


lol ! i doubt hl3dm will come out in 2 years. 4 to 5 years sounds more realistic to me.

my personal thoughts…
it is likely that all valves original textures and models will be already updated (converted) for OB however any custom models, textures will need to be re-done on our side. This is just an assumption however likely it seems to me it may be different on the day.
also cubemaps as well as bumps and specular layers may have issuesbut thats like saying the same thing twice: all materials needs to be updated to OB whether it be us or valves side. In a test I made Ive extracted some ep2 and portal textures and tried running them in (ep1) current DM engine they all looked screwy and specular was totally off. I think old (even pre ep1) DM maps will be able to run on OB but (as we know) not vise versa.

As for the scepticism regarding whether DM will be updated to OB or not read … .php?t=770

[quote="Mario 64 Master":151fcj63][quote="holymoly":151fcj63]It would help this game hold over until hl3dm comes out in two years. [/quote:151fcj63]


What!? is right! Is Valve actually planning on making a hl3dm, or is that just speculation? If it is true that’ll be the best news in online gaming I’ve heard since it was realeased that Blizzard were making Starcraft 2! Oh please gaming gods let it be true!

how could there be a info about hl3dm if there is nothing about hl3 lol maybe a hl2dm2 :o :shock: :roll:

or a hl2dm forever ;)

I dont give a crap what you call it…if it happens, Ill be doing backflips in my computer chair!!!

Yes may the Gaming Gods smile down upon us and bless us one and all…


" Yes, the TF (Orange Box) engine is not compatible with the one that is
presently used for CSS, DoDS, and HL2MP. That is why we are segregating
it into the the ‘orangebox’ directory under the root. In the coming
months the other games will be moved to the Orange Box engine and their
binaries will move under the ‘orangebox’ directory once this move is
done. The content does not need to move to the ‘orangebox’ when the
binaries for the games move and we hope that this represents some value
for server admins since you will not need to download redundant content
files into two different directory structures in order to support two
different engine versions.

Our hope is that this new directory structure will help avoid
disruptions to existing dedicated servers for other mods and products
when we make significant changes to the Source engine like the ones
needed for TF and the other Orange Box games. We also hope that it makes
updating your servers more convenient and less bandwidth intensive as we
update our games for newer engine versions.

I hope this has made it more clear, but if not please let me know."

" The most significant fact here is that there have been interface changes
so it is probable that many server plug-ins that work with CSS, DoD, and
HL2MP will not work with the Orange Box engine. Once the beta is out the
door and the initial fires are put out I will make the specific
interface changes available on so
that when the new SDK comes out the mod/plugin community can quickly
make Orange Box-compatible server plugins."

"The issue here is the location of the game binaries in relation to the
/bin directory that contains the correct engine binaries. Previous to
this new directory structure the assumption was that only one version of
the engine could exist under a single installation. So the location of
the engine binaries for all games was /bin. If you installed TF at /tf
on a server that also hosts Counter-Strike Source at /cstrike then
cstrike would no longer run due to the fact that the /bin directory
would now have Orange Box engine binaries.

So the ‘orangebox’ directory acts as a new root directory that has its
own location for the new engine binaries and the new games that use
those binaries. Meanwhile any games installed in the parent directory
can still run against the old engine.

For those of you that don’t have more than one game installed on your
dedicated server this isn’t as valuable, but our goal was to make it
possible to support servers that host multiple Source games that utilize
multiple versions of the engine."

"Right now the only game that will use the Orange Box engine is TF2. For
now the other games will stay in their usual locations, but they will be
moved to the new engine in the coming weeks and at that point their
binaries will reside under the ‘orangebox’ directory.

Plugins that work for the current engine version probably won’t work for
the new engine version but I will be sharing the new interfaces with the
mod community ASAP so that they can develop new ones. The interfaces are
different, but we have not eliminated functionality so rewriting the
plug-ins should not be a monuental task."

The Steambans plugins will not work on TF2 at this time. Until Valve releases the updated SDK, there is nothing I can do about this.



I love how they call it HL2MP @_@

[quote="graffitiknockout":mx10hhi0]I love how they call it HL2MP @_@[/quote:mx10hhi0]

There are 2 engine’s structures, HL2 and HL2MP, HL2DM is just a Deathmatch mod based on HL2MP, HL2CTF is a Capture The Flag mod based on HL2MP; etc.

You see? ;)

Well, I wish HL2DM gets updated so we can run it at 64bits with Multi-Core support plus Hi-Res textures (if there is an option to add them -hope so-)

Also, this would fix many things, but surely bring a whole new list of things to fix heh :confused:

Yeah s0iz :roll: and i dont wonder if it takes so long to fix something if only that Mike is working on it :lol:

It’s not just Mike. He’s one of two guys who regularly participates in the mailing list from the coding side.

Seems like the SDK code might be released today:

[quote="Mike Durand":308ca4jz]Hi All-

I’m just testing a release candidate now. If there aren’t any showstoppers then we will have a public beta starting on 1/23. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for your patience.


What does this matter to us? Well, hl2/hl2dm is closely based off of the SDK code, then HL2MP will probably be close behind.

vcool. its been long time coming.