Orange Box Engine News

[quote=“Keeper”:bm5eja2i]It’s not just Mike. He’s one of two guys who regularly participates in the mailing list from the coding side.

Seems like the SDK code might be released today:

[quote="Mike Durand":bm5eja2i]Hi All-

I’m just testing a release candidate now. If there aren’t any showstoppers then we will have a public beta starting on 1/23. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for your patience.


eh…not seen anything new till now…
so, right now we have two versions of SDK. one is ep2 and one is ep1. i’m assuming that one the above mentioned update kicks in we should be able to use both engines in one version of SDK?

correct me if i’m wrong.

What does this matter to us? Well, hl2/hl2dm is closely based off of the SDK code, then HL2MP will probably be close behind.[/quote:bm5eja2i]

[quote=“holymoly”:30fpbmda] Also, the Orange Box Engine seems ill-suited to bunnyhopping. You couldn’t do it in ep2. If Valve borks the bunnyhop, this game will die. Every strong player left only plays this game for two reasons: the gravity gun and the bunnyhopping. .[/quote:30fpbmda]

There is a way, you can actualy bhop faster then in half-life 2 single player, you just need to bhop backwords and you can reach speeds of over 3000 ups, same goes with portals, I love doing puzles without portals using backwords bhop hehe,

anyway just imagion that everyone had to bhop backwords in hte new hl2dm…
that would make things…interesting. :?

if they "fix" bhop in the new hl2dm OB I will just play pro mod, dont want to feel like im playing CSS in hl2dm, or I will just start playing hldm AG mod.

IMO, the update won’t affect bhop…but meh. Just my opinion ;)

[quote=“0nti”:6yp5pnjp]IMO, the update won’t affect bhop…but meh. Just my opinion ;)[/quote:6yp5pnjp]

If it does, lets start Duck Hunt University, who’s up?

[quote=“0nti”:1hmd3pgq]IMO, the update won’t affect bhop…but meh. Just my opinion ;)[/quote:1hmd3pgq]

I hope you are right, 8)

If it does, lets start Duck Hunt University, who’s up?

IM IN!!! :shock: :twisted: that game we my fist shooter. hehe

lmao ! XD


sorry for the spam…

back to the topic…

I think I just found the tool I’ve been looking for to clear that piece of land behind the house lol.

Well they said ‘‘will change in a few weeks’’ and nothing for hl2dm, ill try checking / asking players from other games such as DOD to try and learn more about it.

/ time2wast3.exe

I hope TOB engine rollout doesn’t happen until after CAL S4 ends. All of the OB engine games (ep2, portal, tf2) crash on my teammate after a few minutes. It’s really very strange - legacy source games work fine though. :?

Bump. Anyone heard anything definative?

Duck hunt is ace i was so good aat it ii disnt need to look directly at the screen :open_mouth:

No, but I’ve seen :smiley:

Some of the ammo items look updated. As you can see, the old maps seem to work as well :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

thanks for the heads up im gonna go find the model and textures now to keep it the good way cuz those things look so gay IMO

Well, sv_pure would kick you in a heartbeat :smiley:

then i’ll know which servers look the gayest

thanks for posting the picture keeper. it’s too bad they are not red. other then that they look cool.

they dont look bad really they are fine yes it would be betetr is they were red though but now that i have seen that im really waiting on the update