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Mike Durand
Sun, 16 Sep 2007 10:47:25 -0700

Yes, the TF (Orange Box) engine is not compatible with the one that is
presently used for CSS, DoDS, and HL2MP. That is why we are segregating
it into the the ‘orangebox’ directory under the root. In the coming
months the other games will be moved to the Orange Box engine and their
binaries will move under the ‘orangebox’ directory once this move is
done. The content does not need to move to the ‘orangebox’ when the
binaries for the games move and we hope that this represents some value
for server admins since you will not need to download redundant content
files into two different directory structures in order to support two
different engine versions.

Our hope is that this new directory structure will help avoid
disruptions to existing dedicated servers for other mods and products
when we make significant changes to the Source engine like the ones
needed for TF and the other Orange Box games. We also hope that it makes
updating your servers more convenient and less bandwidth intensive as we
update our games for newer engine versions.

I hope this has made it more clear, but if not please let me know.


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Can you expand on this please Mike are you going to be running different
exe etc so this is not just a mod of the current source engine like
or dod?

If this is the case we us GSP’s will need to treat it as a totally new
game and not just a simple mod is why I ask.


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> The reason for this is that we want to be able to support different
> generations of the source engine in one hlds installation. So Ep1-era
> games will remain off of the root directory but all OrangeBox-era
> will be under the ‘orangebox’ directory. Goldsrc games will still need
> to be in a separate directory structure, however.

thanks for this,. now hopefully we will stop hearing the sceptists going on and on about how valve is killing dm… .

Cant decide to be hopefully optimistic or to run and hide…

[quote="[EYE] Valar":1g3rh7o1]thanks for this,. now hopefully we will stop hearing the sceptists going on and on about how valve is killing dm… .[/quote:1g3rh7o1]

And how do you know it wont be another FIOS incident?

Another source I had posted on the steam forums. It’s more from the developer’s side, but he still talks about hl2mp being updated to the new engine. ... ost7180653

In a reply from Mike Durand to J@nek:

[quote="Mike Durand":20ymebs2][quote="J@nek":20ymebs2]Hi,

My mod is based on hl2mp. appID is set to 320.

I would like to know if HL2MP will be affected by the new engine with orange box or if current HL2MP will continue to work as of today.

In case there is a new hl2mp with orange box, will there have an appid for old hl2mp (the one we have currently with 320) and a new appid for new hl2mp ?

Thank you in advance for your comments about that.
[/quote:20ymebs2]When HL2MP (320) is updated in the next few weeks to use the new engine your mod will stop working. So in order to ensure your mod doesn’t suddenly break you should:

  1. Change your gameinfo.txt to base your mod on 215 instead of 320. 215 will still load the older engine compatible with your mod.
  2. Load the HL2MP content you need from within your mod [url:20ymebs2][/url:20ymebs2]

Once the new SDK is out you may want to update your mod to take advantage of the newer engine, but until then you should make an update to the old one.


Another time J@nek asked and Mike responded:

[quote="Mike Durand":20ymebs2]


It seems that Orange Box does not modify the way HL2MP, CSS and DODS are working like they are still using old engine. Is an update plan for them ?[/quote:20ymebs2]
Yes. Those updates will be out in the coming weeks. We will provide a more clear timeframe when we have one.



One question I have is what will happen with all the custom maps we have? Are they all not going to work with the new enigine?? Man what a mess that would be…

They should be fine, although there is the possibility that they will break some things when they fix others.

I really don’t know, but then again, no sense worrying about things that haven’t happened yet.

hey is it true that valve is releasing a new update that will remove bhoping? cos thats one some person in aus said… :S

no the orange box update wont bork bhop, at least it doesnt seem likely.

If it does i quit!

Don’t lose more time and unninstall it now :slight_smile:


i wouldn’t quit but i would cry for a few weeks and then after that some more everytime i thought of how i used to bhop.

I wouldn’t be surprised if bhop was changed, but I would be surprised if it was gone all together.

bhopping has been around for soooo long ( even before HL2DM ) I don’t see them getting rid of it. At the same time, the upgrade to the new engine might have killed the bhop all together and they’d have to write it in.

So don’t scream when it first comes out and it seems different, because chances are it will be. You might just have to relearn some things to get some kind of advanced movement going again.

ok I just spent some time testing a hl2dmob beta compiled by keeper. The bhop is still there!! However:
They seem to have fixed speedcrawling by completely negating any use of sprint while going into or coming out of a crouch, this means that if you end a line of hops, you have a slight delay before you can start the new set, after you finish standing up. this is most noticeable when doing a move such as coming in through the window in lockdown, you cant immediately hop off towards xbow or whatever you have to wait a half a second or so. :confused: :exclamation: :bulb:

of course…

DISCLAIMER: This is the base SDK code for all their multiplayer games that mod makers can customize from the start. It might not be exactly like HL2DM, but I believe this will be close!

i wanna play :frowning:

that should really be fixed before the ob update goes live - people can adapt by just standing up bhopping instead but it sounds really annoying

and what about everything else … is there any other change apart from that one in movement?

the last rocket firing off in a straight line bug seems to have been fixed, though since its random in norm hl2dm i dont know for sure…