Orange Engine Update Source

It’s not random zman, it can be replicated at will. Check the vids in the official bug list in the Lab.


what does that mean that your speed is going down??

cuz i played all the halflife stories and as i remember that after the strafejump you get in to the hop you lose speed… and i do the same movments in hl2dm and i dont lose speed. so is it like the halflife stories or what ?? if thats so it would fuck up the game in my point a few

Come on dood. Try not to bump old threads.

lol sorry man kinda new here :slight_smile:

i was just worried after reading this dont mind me asking. i wont do it again

Yeah, I know. That’s why I didn’t show extreme anger. Just bothersome anger. ; D

: )

HUGE orb pickups. now black


hey… lockdown dint look like that for me :angry:

looks weird :astonished:

I hope they break lockdown, sucks anyway :laughing:

whatchu got there? you gave you dat? wheredja get it? PM me.
lmao LD revised. thats a good’un.