Original dmu tutorial archives

The site (hl2dm.pro) that held them after dmu went down has recently expired.
I beg of you, guys, for any issues just call out, ask the community for help, I for one am always willing to donate.

Now idk where Fenix got them (if you do, please let me know) but LanSlide, the other guy that ran that site with him, said it takes 25$ to renew that domain that also had some other pages and a forum that were kinda dead. Therefore I see no point in doing that. I do see a point in tracking down the tutorials as I think they’re still helpful and either making a proper steam guide out of them, or re-hosting all the original pages either here, or on the efps site, or on the new hl2dm.net or even I have a site.

So please, don’t let these disappear as they’re still useful.



Thanks for keeping them alive! I wrote all the “non-guest” authored ones, and it is nice to see them still around.

I invite you to also read the disclaimer.

Heh, it’s no problem really. You are welcome to host old HL2DMU content.

to host no, but to edit/update and complete? and id rather it won’t be just me, otherwise id open my own adedm.com :slight_smile:)

Ohhh you are referring to the last part, hehe. I am afraid I am too busy to invest more time into it, although I do regret not completing my courses on frag videos and server administration best practises. At one time, I had accumulated a lot of good info on both subjects from various members of the community and had it all planned out in my head what I was going to write.

Imagine if Valve had kept working on DM the way they did TF2… :angry:

well some stuff does need tweaking, that might infringe some copyright if any :stuck_out_tongue:
and i can take care of the server part, but for the frag vids… i never made 1 in my life, demo smoothing is too buggy and too time consuming

Alright, my first edit is about the controversial shotgun max damage! http://hl2dmu.com/hl2dm_101.htm

The shotgun, although a hitscan weapon (a weapon that fires bullets; in this case, pellets), does not entirely follow the hitscan damage formula, according to this: > https://github.com/ValveSoftware/source-sdk-2013/blob/master/sp/src/game/shared/baseentity_shared.cpp
Inside this ‘for’ loop, found at line 1698 (on 18feb2014):
for (int iShot = 0; iShot < info.m_iShots; iShot++)
that iterates through all the bullets fired, from 0 to either 6 or 11 (for the shotgun’s 7 pellets for single barrel or 12 pellets for double barrel), there’s also this condition at line 1729:
if( IsPlayer() && info.m_iShots > 1 && iShot % 2 )
that checks if bullet is not singular, aka if shotgun was fired, and if the current bullet number is odd, it applies a hull trace; if even, then a line trace is applied.
The difference is the hull trace ignores hitboxes (arm, chest, leg, stomach, head), better yet, doesn’t differentiate between them, treating the body as a whole, for increased accuracy. Therefore the headshot multiplier of 3 is disregarded, making that bullet do normal damage even if inflicted to the head hitbox.

This leaves the known body damage unchanged, 9 - 63 for single (player left with 37/0 from 100/0; 9 - 108 for double (player left with 78/114 from 100/200), but changes the maximum damage for the head.
The single barrel will have the pellets split like this: 0, 2, 4, 6 will do head damage (4 x 27 = 108); 1, 3, 5 will do normal body damage (3 x 9 = 27); the new total will be 135 (player left with 73/92 from 100/200).
The double barrel will have 6 pellets do head damage, 162; 6 pellets do body damage, 54; total damage inflicted will be 216 (player left with 57/28 from 100/200). Why is damage taken only 215? The formula for the damage absorption helps: 80% or 172.8 done to suit, 20% or 43.2 done to health. This leaves the player with 28.2 suit left, rounded down to 28, and 56.8 health left, rounded up to 57.

Remember how I got banned all the time?

Oh the fun.

I still cannot edit my contact info to use any of my real emails because of a “error: newguy” condition that WT made waaaaaaay back in the day.

Oh, and Ade sux and poor_billy did at least 252 dmg in one shotgun blast in a match vs me; so idk if 324 is doable, but 252 sure is.
Do I have a demo? No. Am I making this up? Probably. Fact is :: Fuck you. Am newguy