So if anyone wants to learn how to modify steam files that will pass validation, or if your interested in private homemade hacks that don’t require hooking DLL’s feel free to PM me. This applys to only Efps applicants, as in doing so I expect half your winnings. We can draw up an e-contract somewhere I’m sure.

It doesn’t take a genius in programming, hex editing, memory reading to make your own undetecable hacks.
Then again, most of you already know this don’t you.

Nigga said wut? Who knows code for DX? That can be alternative # 3 if you want.

Better yet, lets put money on the line for a free game, with tons of hacks, with tons of steam accounts to try hacks, ran by and particpated by people who helped develop an anti-cheat. Sounds like a great time.

inB4 Valiums tries to be smart, again.

and yes I’m trolling. and yes, these are still serious statements. You will never stop client side hacks. LUA scripts = LOL.
Aside from a bs community, these are the reasons I quti this game. Once I got myself educated and looked into this pile of source shit on an intelligent level, I pissed myself. Ur all fake or being faked. except Nino- I still owe him 20 bucks for carrying my baby.

u mad?

never really understood the point of hacking. so you win a meaningless game, but in real life you’re a douchebag? no thanks.


This guy is emotional.

Trolling or whatever but still I cant let this slide…


lol thats funny my brain automatically rearranged the letters so that it looked spelled right to me

brb hex editing :sunglasses:

oh hi.

Parnters - letsplayagame2getherpeas?

@ NinjaCrowbarGuy - why haven’t I seen anything other than common juvenile Internet lingo spilling from your fingers lately? Try to be More original please.

@ Rico - seriously - did you know I have a receding hairline. That made my day. hahaa.

@ ghostdog - thanks for the offcentered Xhair fag.

@ paradox - your a woman - what brain?

@ blas - thanks 4 link to hexshop6.0 & ollydbg

@ bad troll - gtfo - oh thats me. later/

The xhair I gave you is just fine, try aiming.

Still <3 you tho.

rachkir is back on top i see

I liked Rachkir better when i was bashing him constantly with the crowbar.
Well, not better, but i remember when New Guy, Rachkir, MLiquid, Mutant… were fodder for my crowbar.

I remember when none of these folks were really any good.
I also LOVE the fact they got good.
I like them all to this day.
I really like it.
And i like them.

I wish some folks would put paranoia behind them and play,
The actual hacking in this game has always been really obvious.
The folks who are obvious have been punted.
Please come back and play.

wtf is hex editing?