Poor_Billy's Config


hacks not included.

i don’t understand the alias parts. is it a standalone command, or dependant on something else?

actually, i don’ understand the sensitivity parts of the alias’s either. first time ive seen something like that.

i may try your movement binds. i use esdf and my “f” key is in a semi-permanent mashed position (not stuck so that i constantly move right, but there is no “spring-back” to the key which makes it reallllllly sensitive to touch). if i make my “f” key backwards movement, it’ll get less use at least. i suppose i’ll have to get a new keyboard though… sooner or later.

As for scrolling, i tried it, didn’t work out. Do you cscroll with your middle finger and shoot with index and ring fingers?
This is the only way i can imagine Grain or others can shoot AND move at the same time.
Maybe i’ll try it again. I know the fastest players scroll jump.

It takes time to learn and train your fingers to do. Some people use their index finger to scroll, others use the middle finger. I use my index because I could never get the damn timing with the middle finger.

I think the key to it is also having jump bound to space as well.

I use space for the first jump in the bhop or for strafe then use wheel for the rest of the hops. I also use space to jump in a fire fight if I need to which leaves all the fingers on my mouse hand for controlling that and firing only. It did take me time to get it down and train everyone to do it at the right time/sequence, but for me using space only was nothing but fail, that side was trying to do too much at once.

I use my index finger to scroll and shoot.

i scroll when hopping but then switch to space bar when shooting.

ah, i think i’ve muddled through this part with the help of a friend.

I use scroll wheel to jump, and only the scroll wheel. I don’t have space bound to jump, its bound to my crossbow. Also, I use my index finger to scroll jump and to shoot. Holding the mouse so that my middle finger would scroll and my index would rest on MOUSE1 would really mess up my movement… I can jump and shoot nearly at the same time, and don’t have a problems between jumping and shooting in firefights, so I guess its just a matter of getting used to it. I think its worth it since it frees up the space bar, which a really great key to bind to your favorite weapon, since you can press it without having to let go of movement keys or anything, so you can switch to it at any time.

As for the aliases, they sort of work like variables in programming, for those of you who know enough about that. For example, his first alias is:

alias rebel "cl_playermodel models/humans/Group03/Male_03.mdl"

If you look further up the config, you will notice this bind linking to that alias:

bind "," "rebel"

In effect, what this does is let him switch to that rebel model, and more importantly switch to rebels from combine in one key stroke, which is better than the alternative of ESC>OPTIONS>change model>CLICK OK.

The other aliases basically link together weapon switches and sensitivity. Most regular configs bind weapons like this:

bind "s" "use weapon_shotgun"

Instead, what he did was:

bind "s" "pbshotty"

And later aliases the word pbshotty to

alias pbshotty "use weapon_shotgun;sensitivity 0.8"

Which just changes the weapon to shotgun, and changes the mouse sensitivity to 0.8.

In reality, all weapons except AR2, RPG and Gravity Gun get a sensitivity of 0.8, and the ones mentioned get 1.2

I hope that explains it well.

i use spacebar to jump like a normal person. please flame me now everyone.

nah spacebar is leet D:

This is a New Guy post for sure, and if not, someone is trying to compete with his “I must share my knowledge with everyone” skills.

haha nutri! no, its not TNG. but it is the friend who explained it to me.

You can tell it’s not from TNG by the lack of penis references.

space bar ftw…learn how to use it people

TG, sometimes space bar plus all the other keys don’t work for some people. I tried literally for months but the A-D key presses screwed with getting the space bar exactly right to maintain the hop. I switched to mouswheel for that part and I was finally able to improve because it gave otherwise idle fingrs something to do besides allowing the other hand to get their part of it right.

Seriously, in the end what does it matter what key/combinations someone uses as long as it works for them? Doesn’t matter one damn bit.

How do u rekon u would go if u could only jump once per half second or wateva, u would still have the option of using wheel, just u would have to time it more?

hmm I think it would be doable, but you arent going to be able to maintain speed like we can now…why?

One benefit of spacebar Jumping: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Sometimes i think rigor is setting in after a session.

Ive never had that problem, but then i dont use default controls so dont suffer the awkwardness most ppl do.
To be more specific i use mouse2 as jump, space as sprint and shift as crouch.
My mouse hand gets fed up b4 my keyboard hand.

I thought Spacebar was leet!?!