Quick question about exporting

I can’t seem to make avi files anymore. I can use the “startmovie a” command to make frames, but I would rather just get an avi already made. I’m using a pretty simple config for exporting from demos that I swear used to work. Does “startmovie a_ AVI” work for anybody else?

They did just change some things for the “replay update”.

Valve’s developer wiki says it still functions.

“Enter startmovie %videoname%.avi avi. Please note the two appearances of “avi” - the first is just the extension of the file, but the second tells the Source engine to record to AVI.”


what ghost said, and also, i strongly recommend using an updated movie.cfg file, instead of typing commands.

I think it must be my codecs. I made a new config using what I learned from the link that ghost posted, but it still won’t make the file. I’ll just do it the longer way using vdub. No biggie. Thanks.

Yeah for all I know they broke it lol.

a bit late but fck it.

i found that exporting directly to .avi was inconsistent at best sometimes it would popup with the dialogue to let me select my codec other times it wouldn’t and other times it just plain crashed and that was long before the OB update so I always used the capture to .tga screenshots method then used Virtualdub to render into video either as raw footage or encoded in xvid.