Should the HL2DMU Forums have ranks?

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well said. my thoughts exactly

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for me, one of the biggest reasons im drawn to play hl2dm is because of the community. its human nature to stay where you are comfortable. i find it hard to get into new games when i dont know anybody im playing with, or against. 2 things i think we can agree on, 1-hl2dm is dead or getting close to it 2-we have all made incredible relationships with the regulars of this game and this site.

my thoughts are, why lets those friendships die? even tho hl2dm is dead, most of us still come here on a daily basis to see whats going on. i know this site is the hl2dm U forum, but why not make new sections for other games. to keep with the school theme, call them new subject or w/e. that way we can see what other ppl are getting into. we can go into the respective sections and chat about the happenings of those games, get tips on getting started and what servers are good to play on, maybe post info about servers ppl have running etc etc etc. this will help us stay together as a community of friends and draw new ppl to the forum. new ppl coming here for hl2dm has peaked. maybe we should change the name of the forum to “gaming university” or something like that. in addition to giving ppl ranks, maybe put ppl in charge of overseeing the new game sections and getting ppl that play those games in here. new relationships will be born and this forum will be flooded with new ppl from all games out there.

I like that idea, but I think WT just wants this site to promote HL2DM.

well, every successful entity in the world at some point realized that if they dont expand their horizons and bring in new ideas they will die. wouldnt everybody rather see the forum changed to what i said(or something along those lines) then have it die off and have all of us lose touch?

Yeah. I think most people have their friends on their list though.

wow epoch ur alive!! :open_mouth:

Giving people ranks just makes room for more drama.

FPS University?

It would be a complete shift of direction that’s for sure. It also sounds like a lot of work. At some point I would have to make the site commercial (ads or something) in order to justify the time put into it, but that kind of goes against the original concept and not really the direction I want to take.

OK my 2 cents

Think the ranks thing is FAIL

Chem, I hear what you are saying and I have to say I can relate on a personal level. Almost everyone in Khaos has moved on to other games that they play more than DM. There is only 2-3 of us that can play regularly that are still DM diehards, but it is getting harder to stay a DM diehard because I miss playing and sharing laughs in game with my friends. Even when I do play those other games with them, I get bored with the game sometimes pretty quickly or frustrated at the level of hacking or other BS going on (yes some games have more BS than even DM…lol).

However even considering what I just said, I think it would be diffucult to pull off for the following reasons: 1) it would be hard to pick another game to branch off to because people have moved into many different directions, 2) it would dilute the purpose of this site and 3) it would be a hell of a lot more work


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oh yeah… east high still sucks! :smiling_imp:

Rofl…Gloria Gaynor

I dont know. I dont think the site needs updated for other games. For some reason, I have this strange feeling that Valve is going to surprise us with a new version of dm. It just doesnt make sense that they would ignore hl2dm like they have. It made sense the last couple of years, but I think they realized that it would be easier to start over then update the messy code (and it’s messy). If they dont bring something to the table with EP3 then Valve’s deathmatch games are truely dead in the sand and it might then be time to consider a different path for this website.

two facts to consider my fellow skeptics:

  1. Valve didn’t ditch hl2dm until now and there would be money wise absolutely no reason for them to keep a gametype they don’t need and have no future plans for.
  2. Valve didn’t port CS:S and DOD:S to OB. my take is there is simply too much to do and then re-do all over again come ep3 with yet another engine update.
  3. the new trend in newer games is showing a departure from RPG and team based and more towards FPS PC based, making Valve’s DM a Ace to keep. in other words : it’s just not time to kill this old dog just yet.

[quote="[EYE] Valar"]
3) the new trend in newer games is showing a departure from RPG and team based and more towards FPS PC based, making Valve’s DM a Ace to keep. in other words : it’s just not time to kill this old dog just yet.

Hate to burst your bubble Valar, but the trend in the U.S. at least is definitely NOT toward FPS PC games. In fact, I spend a weekend with some people in the gaming industry and one of them said that many of the big name development houses fired most of their development staff (that were doing FPS games) and hired new people to change their gaming focus. One of those big name developers was Blizzard. I think we will see a big change in what type of games are coming out in 2010 and 2011.

There are more new and exciting titles coming out for XBOX and PS3 in 2009 than for PC, WAAY more.

If anything, the trend is for for strategy/FPS hybrids and cooperative play is where most multiplayer games are going. Pure deathmatch type games are on the way out at least for now. The only FPS games that are selling at the moment are COD and DOD remakes. Thats pretty much it. New titles just arent doing as well. We arent buying the new FPS titles in enough volume to make it worth their while. Two big FPS titles for 2008: Dead Space and (I forgot the other one) didnt sell, in fact they tanked, bad. Also those game are so damn expensive and time consuming to make it isnt worth the risk for those developers to make them if they are absolutely sure they are going to sell and make money.

Also the Wii is big and game developers are noticing. The Wii has tapped into what has before been an untouched segment of the market and it is HUGE. Even soccer moms and grannies play the Wii. That market segment generally doesnt play FPS games. We are going to see more games geared toward them than toward FPS gamers because many FPS gamers are way too set in their ways and entrenched to be a viable market for most pure FPS games anymore.

Valve has not annouced any plans for a HL3DM and IMO if they didnt port CSS or DOD to OB then they arent going to port DM either. I hope I am wrong but I would be very very surprised to see a HL3DM.

It’s a known fact they’ve repeatedly announced ep3 and still are in most interviews and news. They can, as any other dev do from time to time, go back on their official announcements, but fact remains. at least for now - it’s in the works afawk.
The conclution begged from the fact they didn’t port their money games is most definitely not they aren’t going to port hl2dm. not stating they will or won’t, just simply logic. in any case, we’ll have to wait and see and i’m sure you’ll still be around so we’ll see that together and laugh / cry about it in PM.
In any case i’m of the same mind as Sacrifist in this. i think they will.
You’re not bursting my bubble, it’s just a speculation made by an optimistic tard. what’s more, a practical one, as for my part, even if hl2dm was discontinued (like hldm and hldm:s) i will remain playing it with the whatever devout userbase that’s left (like hldm and hldm:s) = a win win and not much change from what it is now is it :smiley: .
You’re just being your usual skeptic dear and i still heart ya. :wink:

^ Val’d

Nope Valar, not being a skeptic. I talked with people in the gaming industry and FPS games dont sell any more unless they have COD, DOD, or Halo on them. UT3 Tanked, many of the new FPS titles in 2008 Tanked. Wii is in and it is in big. And if you look at the 2009 game reviews, there are many many more games for XBOX and for PS3 its a fact.

Yes EP3 is coming, but dont hold your breath on HL3DM. Its not going to make them money. Honestly CS3 would be a better option because it would sell games.

L4D has over 100,000 people playing it. Its main features were zombies (people are nuts about zombies) and coop play. That says a lot.

Am I happy about it? No. I am looking at the facts and what I have heard from people in the industry who talk to other people in the industry. Another way to look at it is if no new good titles come out, it will make many stay with DM, but for many of us, with the low grav, low air accel, no strats maps wasteland that there is out there, I find myself looking for other games and going and playing other games more and more often now.

if red faction: guarilla and/or section 8 dont save the FPS genre we’re in big trouble.