Re: Rapid Fire Pistol :D

I tried this a long time ago; it doesnt work nearly as well as you might expect. Pistol has a forced delay between shots, so it just ends up like wheeling jump- you no longer have to time your shots, but youre not actually shooting any faster either.

There is one big benefit, though, which is that you arent wrecking your aim by hitting the mouse button repeatedly. Moot point if you primary fire with a non mouse button, but then again im not sure anyone actually does this (though i will, when i make my next big config change!).

EDIT: Seems this thread is now “mine” since grapes op has been recently deleted. Scroll down to Seagulls quoting of the op for the above to make complete sense.

You can’t empty a clip in less than a second. :neutral_face:

It’s basically faster rate of fire, still less than a smg though - you cannot just spam it as fast as you can, if you do, you end up slowing down because the pistol does have a very small delay between each shot. It’s stupidly hard to do in combat, and not all that great anyway.

Yeah works pretty good for me, I can empty the pistol way quicker this way. It is a little wierd in combat tho, I only attempt it at a distance.

I use the zoom key and hold fire…only in pubs when people are at a distance and i don’t have 357/x-bow.
Seems i can go a bit faster using this method. Nothing close to the old bug in hl2dm which was like the first bug fix in 12/04

Dunno, I do it faster manually. Timing is too difficult when you scroll. Maybe the repeated clicking upsets aim a tiny bit, but so does scrolling I’d say.

I have been using this prank since my early CS years. In HL2 I just type in the console:
bind “MWHEELDOWN” “+attack”
bind “MWHEELUP” “+attack”
and use it as an alternate shoot key. With my simple notebook mouse it’s great cause the wheel is optical, high-rate and without clicks:
MS Notebook Optical 3000.
P.S. Yes, that’s poor equipment

Do the same with the ar2 and u get no recoil after firing when spamming the wheel to shoot :smiling_imp:

Pistol Powah :arrow_right:

I prefer it over the SMG smg is only for SPAMS

Yeah, you could do the same in DoD 1.x with Allies/Axis pistols and the M1 Carabine (not the M1 Garand).

It is illegal for leagues/tournments, tho.

wouldn’t be usefull for me though. I use wheel for jumping.

One thing I didn’t get:

how the hell can jumps be spam?

Cant spam jumps :open_mouth:
You can spam jump button though , with the scroll.