don’t think vals, bahlk or phan are gonna be playing efps

so i’m down to ring for another team :sunglasses:


inb4 $W starts team stacking…again

Don’t worry all, I’ll make sure to make some hack accusations to keep the season a nice, steady, slow pace.

High 5

kids washed up and bad

wouldnt recommend

How come they’re not?

shit gets boring

Bahlk lost interest, I have to pull his teeth for scrims, I left because of external issues related to league, and fanom is bored by it now.

All in all now that I’m out of the loop I’ve lost interest in the game too. Scrim once inawhile k, but the rest nothx.

P.S. not really sure why nobody offered a spot to blas, kid still topfrags against $W.

I hate seeing nobody willing to take in a good kid. Why havent you just started your own team and tried working from there?

I’m recruiting, by the way :smiley:

I know right, I was expecting something like:

blas=64 kid=everyone else

I was expecting something like this.


me being blastoise of course

Ooh nice one thar.