Just curious if the majority of yall like high or low, Im digging low atm. :smiley:

I use 2.0 @ 1800 dpi but its really just comes down to personal preference

high :wink:

1.8 @ 1800

and my mousepad shares a computer drawer with a G15 KB, so i have pretty limited mouse space for movement.

1.25 @ 1600 DPI
No windows accel.
CPL mouse fix

Medium size Mouse Pad :slight_smile:


800 dpi
sens 3.7
cpl mouse fix
no mousepad

2000 dpi
Sens = 0.85
CPL Mouse Fix installed

4000 dpi
.41 ingame sens
cpl mosefix

1.6875 Ingame Sensetivity
1600 DPI
6 Windows Speed
No Acceleration

15" x 12" Microfibre Mousepad

1.6875! My god, you really have that dialed in!!

Sufi! Sensei!

ingame : 1.3
dpi : 800
windows : 6
my perfect sens :slight_smile: maybe can be a little bit better in some weeks i check it again and maybe do some changes:)

0.6 - 1 @ 1800dpi
CPL fix
win: 6

0.9 @ 1900 DPI
No windows accel.
CPL mouse fix
Win 7
Large Mouse Pad

0.61 @ 3200DPI and my mouse mat is too small.
Did try my old 518 again but its crap in comparison

I hate when games that only have a slider in the GUI and games that use the windows sens when at the options menu e.g quakelive.

1800 dpi
I win.

400 dpi, default windows mouse sens (6), no mouse accel, 1.5 ingame sens

.4 @ 1800

no accel

normal windows sens.

.7 @ 1800 dpi
no accel
win setting 6 (default)

I don’t get how you guys can turn fast with these low sens, I can’t play below 6.0 in game. I don’t know what the DPI is at but I have the 518 maxed for sens by using its built-in buttons.

Seriously if I played with 0.7 or something like that I would going in a straight line the whole time