A bunch of us have started playing this if anyone here is interested. Fun game, already pretty big competetive scene and it’s still in the beta.

I second this post.

Also, Billy and I have already competed in two tournaments. One of them had a 500 euro prize + razer products just for winning the qualifiers, and the other one has top prizes such as steelseries headsets and such. Lots of support for this game, and it’s a very fun and competitive game once you get used to the movement and the aiming. It takes awhile.

Son, I get every point for my team in that first game.

Shootmania proves that phantom hacks in hl2…kid had 90% accuracy in hl2, and 0% in this game.

i still haven’t been able to replicate my sensitivity from hl2 suck my dick

What’s a circus without you clowns

So i bought the fucking thing and it’s like Quake with one weapon, except the movement is really weird.

Yea totally floaty and sucky.
Mouse is weird and funky as well it feels like its 3rd person with an invisible model.
Tried open beta about early March time.

I won $500 playing ShootMania
Come at me bro