So like...It's 2015

And I’m glad this is still up, even though it gets no real use it acts as an archive for all of the fun that’s been had in this forum over the years. If anyone’s still interested in Deathmatch, I upped my server The Peach Tree not long ago because I was tired of there being no good pubs left around. While the game is pretty dead, It’s actually managed to get some pretty decent activity from those still around, which is cool. Oh, It’s also got jump maps in the mapcycle because there were no jump servers left in North America, so there’s that, too.

Anyway, may as well do a new roll call for 2015 to see who still visits this site, so if you’re lurking make a reply ;p

Oh yeah, the IP to my server is

Well, when I had a jmp server there were barely any people on it and so I moved it to EU…

Yeah, I don’t think people will join a server that runs solely jump maps anymore (other than me). I figured mixing a few in to the mapcycle may get a few people to play on them.