Source SDK Update

May be of interest to some here:

Source SDK Update Released
March 24, 2008, 10:49 am - Jason Ruymen

Updates to Source SDK have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:


Added a drop-down list in the SDK Launcher that allows the user to switch between The Orange Box engine and the Half-Life 2: Episode One engine

Two new lighting preview modes are available in Hammer

Models are automatically centered when loaded in Faceposer

Bug Fixes

Fixed crash and corrupt configurations for users that don’t own any Orange Box games

Resolved issues with building models for any games that that use the Half-Life 2:Episode 1 engine

Fixed crashes in Hammer and Faceposer when HL2 is set to the active game

Known Issues

Cannot create shortcuts to Hammer, Faceposer, and Model Viewer

Linux makefiles for the Orange Box source code are incomplete and will be updated in the next release

The Particle Editor is not presently included in the Source SDK

SDK shader code only included with mods built to use Half-Life 2:Episode 1

Plus it also has the final (for now) base mp and sp code.

But not many care about that :smiley:

Now HL2DM Pro doesn’t work :evil:

goes without saying…anyone who used -ep1 engine in their SDK launcher shortcut’s target line should have it now removed.

…next updated i for one am looking forward to now is that in which HL2DM will come up also under the Orangebox menu.

So does all this recent buzz about the SDK mean we’re closer to the engine update? Seems like all the fixes that were implemented were geared towards prerairing all of us non OBEers for the switch. Or is this just hopeful thinking?

I’d say we are pretty close with HL2DM. Since HL2 is the base for all the mods (both SP and MP) then I’d say we are close to the HL2DM being at least tested on the orange box.

I have had no communications with anybody at VALVe about this, but based on the updates and the testing that they have been doing, I’m guessing they are either close or will be soon.

Ok I’m going to start holding my breath based on what you’ve said Keeper. Starting…NOW!


“Oh Valve why dost thee neglect us so thuroughly? Would it not be prudent for thine noble messenger to bestow good tiding upon your most loyal subjects, when the morrow promises such lofty deeds be done? Nay, for you are a malevolant and spiteful overlord, content to let our grievances fester. A curse be on ye Valve! A curse Oi say!”

They’ve fixed the bug with Pro…that was quick for them :open_mouth: :smiley:

i’m the greatest believer and even as such i remind you all…only one guy at VALVe is working on DM updates if at all…in any case there is no such position at VALVe titled DM updates, or DM product manager…it’s just something someone is looking into while doing other TO-DOs that ARE in his job description.
…again, i truly believe DM is being ported to OB but it may take long.

You didn’t like my Shakespearian plee to valve?
Just making light of the situation m8. :wink:
We’ll get our OBE soon enough now.

blasted spelling mistakes…I edited WAY too much for a short post lol.